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Listen to me now, would you?

Staring into your eyes, My body is melting, as my soul burns The flesh wears off, I’m naked Touch me now, would you? Touch me like you always do. I have been smiling, always My lips, bitten till they’re blue. Cannot possibly stop my cheek bones from hurting Thanks to you. My voice is cracking, as my soul cries My songs slow down, I’m muted Kiss me now, would you? Kiss me like you always do. You call my name and I’d come to you, The fear and the weight of your rod. I only see your silhouette In an attempt to see the light behind you This room is dark, as my imaginations cease My head on the floor, I’m not moving Drag me now, would you? Drag me like you always do. My food is better, like you tell me It’s a little stale but I get it. It makes perfect sense You hold me really tight and make me swallow, That’s intense All I need is the water more than twice a day, I’m begging you to end your game. My throat is dry, as my mouth bleeds, I’m hungry and you’re not listening. Feed me now, would you? Feed me like you always do. My heart’s beating, it just won’t stop. You don’t deserve me, I think you can do better. You’re the last person I guess, I’d ever see But for you I don’t really matter. I’m not bleeding, as my body rots My eyes wide open, And the flies right on it. Love me now, would you? Love me like you never did.

-Apoorv Mathur

#heartbreak #love #poem

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