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the difference...

the difference…

Hate is such a small word. Why does it have to be this big of a deal?” “So is love. But does it mean you use it at every point of time, to anyone, just cause you wanna use it?” “Love is on a different dimension. But most people don’t understand what it actually means.” “I know. But the thing is, love is a feeling experienced by everyone in a different way.” “I don’t understand. Love is just, love, I guess.” “It is. It holds a different meaning for everyone. A few people, don’t have any problem saying that they love someone. A few people just can’t say it, but they know what they are experiencing, and they do everything they can to prove to the person that they do actually care for the person. While a few don’t understand it at all. They know that there is something, but they can’t put a finger on it. It may be because of their past or just because of unawareness towards the topic.” “But why can’t everyone just say it out aloud?” “How often have you seen people     telling another person that they hate someone else directly to their face?” “A few. But who does that? It’s so rude.” “You know those ‘few’ may be the most honest people you’ll meet.    Those people are the ones with real courage to do or say something. They know they’ll be judged but they still do it. Don’t they. Not everyone has the courage, my dear. Not everyone can express what they feel to someone else. You asked me, why hate is a big deal? Hate is a word with such a powerful impact that it can turn, a beautiful, courageous person into a rude, cold hearted one, in someone else’s eye.” “Then what happens if someone says, that they love a person.” “Love. What about love? Hmm. I guess I need sometime to think about it. Well, do you have anything on your mind?” “I do, but I guess I’m wrong.” “Child, this is something where no one can say whether you’re right or wrong. All they can say is whether or not, they agree with you.” “Okay then. I guess, saying that you love someone can also change the perception of the person, in someone else’s eyes. But I think, the reaction from that someone can be the trigger for the person.” “Can you elaborate?” “I mean, that someone can accept it or they can decline it. But they might start thinking of the same person as someone they’re not, just because of it. And the acceptance and rejection will change the person who loved. Acceptance might put them on the cloud 9 while rejection might just end their happiness.” “Well, I agree with you completely, but what about those who didn’t say anything or those who didn’t even understand it?” “What about them? Those who didn’t say a thing would be living another  life. They’ll just not be themselves. They won’t move on, they won’t be happy, they’ll just wait for, I don’t know, some kind of magic, I guess. I  don’t know about those who can’t understand it at all. Did you muster up something yet?” “Oh I did, I guess it would take those people a lot more time to see what happened. Hence they would mostly never understand, if what they had was love or not. But those who’ll understand, they’ll always have this feeling inside them that they missed on something that could’ve meant the world to them.” “Do you mean guilt?” “It’s not exactly guilt, but you can call it that. This feeling will also consist of sorrow. As for the rest who wouldn’t understand, they’ll find what they are looking for later.” “So won’t others ever find happiness?” “Happiness is something you’ll find in the most unexpected area and the same is the case with love. Everyone will find it, one day or the other. They just have to close their eyes and go about normally and they’ll find everything, without even looking for it. Yes, they will trip and fall many times, but that wouldn’t change their direction.” “But what if they lose their direction?” “They won’t, cause there’s this unknown source, call it god, call it love, which will always look out for them. It won’t matter if they asked for it or not, this force will help.”

Peehu Gulati

#hate #love #meaning

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