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Meghalaya – Tale of a Newborn Traveler.

Sitting on one of the swings and viewing the scenic beauty of just an ounce of Meghalaya- the abode of clouds, you feel alive. This place is so much more than just rains and mountains and if you think that by reading this entry you will get to know what more is there in Meghalaya, then you have been sadly mistaken.

Being a girl who hails from the mountains of Uttarakhand and who lived there for months during summers, I felt that it will be like my any other vacation. Just the same old hikes and mountains, but I was astonishingly proven wrong – it is rightly said that every place has its own story to tell and its own charm to cast a spell.

This trip was something very different. It had the true essence of what you call “adventure”. Walking down the street with your rucksacks, having no idea where you’re going to stay at night or what are you going to do tomorrow, or for the upcoming seven days, provides a different sort of thrill all together. But you just know one thing that tomorrow morning you are going to pick up your rucksacks and get back on the road and let the moment decide where you have to be. This uncertainty gives you a rush of excitement and, of course, new surprises.

In these days our tensions and fears about life and our future passed into nothingness and true feelings of peace with self and joy were born. After this trip travelling is now injected into my veins like drugs and all I want to feel is the rush of adrenaline in my blood as I walk down the path of a ‘banjaaran. I want dust in my hair, no make-up on my face, just meadows and mountains out of my windows and not that heartless jungle of concrete. I crave for this state of feeling fresh and raw around this pure nature. Now I yearn more for those misty mountains, dusty countrysides and night-skies lit with countless stars.

I remember the narrow paths with flowing rainwater calling us to explore them and giving us nothing but alluring surprises. This was the first time that we were given such independence and space to traverse an unknown land and ourselves. And I once read a line “she knows of freedom, but more than that she knows the boundaries of freedom” and this was what we respected the most.

I still remember the way stars twinkled as we walked beneath them, the moonlight showing us a path to travel which would take us somewhere. And how we would just stand and listen the melody of the waterfalls cascading down from atop of a mountain and how we stared at the sky changing colors from deepest blues to different shades of orange.

And somewhere while walking in the valleys and feeling the clouds caress and kiss me as I glided through them, I found myself.

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