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Meri Nag

I remember what my mom told me when she saw Manasvi and me getting excited about something we had achieved together.She said, “there will be times when you won’t need your family, your better half or the world. What you will be needing is your best friend; the one who knows everything about you and your crazy life, who has been an important part of this amazing roller coaster.”

Manasvi, you are like a gift to me. A bundle of joy and one such person who I know is going to listen to me and celebrate every small moment like it is the last.

We do not sit on the same bench in school, we don’t text everyday and we don’t meet everyday or tell each other ‘I love you’ or make promises of being infinite.

Instead, we make time for each other, we celebrate every possible happiness together in such creative ways! For instance, the Valentines day last year, we being single, wore red that day and went to your favourite place Buttercupp. We ordered cupcakes and made a video of why we are single and will remain to be so; we celebrate the Nathi Nonsense month anniversary by getting a tattoo together or by piercing our ears together and when we are short of money just a Pani-Puri treat is okay.

I do not know where life will take us after 4-5 months. But I know that I will miss someone holding my hand while crossing the road, I will miss someone just sitting for 30 mins doing nothing and waiting for me to wake up, I will miss the endless gossips, I will miss your habit of biting your nails and me correcting it, I will miss those phone calls where you just call to say ‘it’s the same feeling’.

These little things that make us ‘US’ Manasvi, are what are the closest to me.

How do I express what this means to me?

While watching the moon and stars every night I wonder about the kind of happiness they give you. While watching the dogs every time, I wonder about how safe they make you feel. While sipping a dark coffee I think of the joy that this black water gives you. While having your favourite cupcake, I imagine the kind of satisfaction it gives to you.

I have all this while tried to give you the same amount of happiness, safety, joy and satisfaction. I do not know how successful I have been, but in doing all of this I have found my happy place and understood what relationships are.

I believe in you more than anybody could. Whenever you do something great, I am the happiest. I know the struggles you are fighting and the way you are still following your heart. It requires courage. Seeing you be what you are, inspires me so much and makes me so proud that i have a person like that in my life.

I know I do not need to tell you of how you make me feel or describe to you the kind of friendship we share as the best part is we do not need to. I don’t feel like reminding you that at any point. The best expression of ‘i love you’ has always been the kind of space we have given to each other and the way we have used each other’s differences and similarities to build nathinonsense and the unforgettable memories. I am proud of us!

I can’t say that you will find a friendship like this. But do always build on something like this. Just like what my mother said, you need a best friend without any rules and conditions attached with them.

Happiest birthday Manasvi.

I do not need to tell you i love you, because family does not say that.

Keep smiling

Manasvi shah 🙂

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