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Moving towards positivity

When you feel lifeless, powerless, frail and weak, look to your own divinity, to your reflection, at the “I” of who you have become. Look to your hands and bask in the beauty of their strength. Look to your feet and be reminded of all the land they have traveled, the homes they have blessed, the waters they have walked upon.

Look to your heart and let it be known that you are alive, that you have survived all that has been casted towards you, that you are a home to so many others. When someone speaks ill of you, or to you, know that it is a reflection of the you in them, the you that is powerful, strong… Know that you are valuable, you are rare. Spirituality is a result of you diving into yourself, entirely, wholesomely. When you find yourself in a dark place, an endless blackness, let if fall on your skin but do not let it become you. When you are standing amidst a drought, drink from your spirit. When you are seeking for truth, look deep within your self. Become the embodiment of truth. Let your spirituality change the truth of those who seek to harm you. Let it radiate your inner beauty, and that will change them.

ajay vyas.


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