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Mukammal 2.0 : अक्स-ए-बयान

The Most awaited is here. Nathi Nonsense, with Musafir, is bringing to you MUKAMMAL 2.0 which will revolve around the theme अक्स-ए-बयान

Poetry Slams and Formal Spoken Events are not so uncommon anymore. And, being different is what Nathi Nonsense claims. So, like Last time we will be bringing to you something more than just standing and speaking.

अक्स-ए-बयान literally means Reflecting your thoughts and giving them a visual representation. Most of us, irrespective of whether we write or not, tend to associate our feelings and thoughts to something we see and feel.

Hence, in Mukammal 2.0, we aim at exploring the world of emotions, yet again, but this time not only through words.

Come, give us company, with your presence and to your words, with pictures and paintings. 

#2ndMAy #ahmedabad #mukammal #poetry

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