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Mukammal 3.0

Nathinonsense with Musafir is back with its 3rd event; Mukammal 3.0 !

We believe that poetry has the power to translate our emotions into words. Connecting to what people have to express or listening to some famous poets always makes us joyful.

Thus, there will be no barriers, like always.

If you loved what Dushyant Kumar wrote, come share it with us. If you had tears in your eyes reading Gulzar ji, make us teary too. If your grandfather wrote a beautiful story about his life, come present it to us. If you write in your regional language we will be happy to listen to that too.


Come as you are, we like raw. Lets TALK poetry, FEEL poetry and ENJOY poetry together. Mukammal is now a family, so come and be comfortable in our own office space. Let us all feel the vibe of our old city and watch the sun go down together from our office whilst listening to someone narrating his peice of poetry.

We believe in keeping art forms pure and raw. If you feel the same way, come join us.

#openmic #poetry #poetryevent

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