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Mukammal 5.0

Nathi Nonsense with Musafir is back with the Mukammal! This is the 5th edition of Mukammal and we, the proud parents, invite you over, for a warm evening. The concept is the same; we promise you a home like feeling, and you help us to build it by just talking. The one thing special about Mukammal this time is the location. Kavi Akha Bhagat Chowk, situated in the old city, is one of the most beautiful and underrated places of our Ahmedabad. As the name suggests, it has been named after the famous Gujarati poet, Akha Bhagat or Akho. He is one of the most renowned poets of Gujarati Literature and his Chappas are still inscribed on every Gujarati’s heart.

Ahmedabad is now a World Heritage City and we still don’t know what makes Ahmedabad so rich! This is an attempt, to make all the Amdavadis aware of what all the city has beyond the river. With a scoop of poetry and a tinge of our Heritage, let’s build a home, yet again, where there are no language barriers and there are no registrations; an open mic indeed open to all!

Mukammal 5.0 awaits you all.


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