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Murder Weapon.

His fingers, smeared with blood, hesitated. Fresh blood dribbled from the sharp blade, the one which he used to push her into an never ending sleep. She laid on the ground. Her face, peaceful. Her throat, sliced. All her life she had to cover her beautiful face. But now, it didn’t matter. Nobody gave a damn about what Shivam had done. Maybe because there was utter chaos around. Or maybe because the girl who was slayed was a Muslim. Shivam was a hindu priest’s son. He was taught to hate them. Right from his birth he was told to be away from the “Muslims”, to hate them, to oppose them. Did they teach him to kill them? The war had broken out. The two communities were waiting for this very opportunity for so long! “Shivam, slaughter each and every one of them” “No Shivam, what have they done?” His conscience debated. With the victory of the former, Shivam charged for them. Half an hour passed, sirens buzzed in his ears. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t stop staring at the corpse. The girl he had killed. He couldn’t figure it out. Shivam was arrested. Charged of murder of an innocent teenager. The murder weapon, what the police say, is the sharp blade. I don’t think so. For me, the murder weapon is the teaching which was given to Shivam. The weapon is and will always will be the RELIGION.

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Keep Thinking  🙂

~Manasvi N. 😉

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