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Music : that speaks to you

What is music? You may have come across this question many times. Is it something to dance to? Sing to? Listen to? Or play to? No, its not just all of these things. Music for me is a feeling. A feeling of joy. A feeling of purity. Music has always been a priority in my life.

I am a musician. When people ask ‘what instrument you are into’ I always have the answer ready, ‘play the music, not the instrument.’ My belief is that music is the only thing which cannot be defined with words. Because music is not a ‘thing’. It is a world in itself. A world with all the feelings embedded into it. Feelings of joy, sorrow, happiness, anger and all that is known to human nature. When you are sad while listening to music because it connects to your past, you can’t blame the music for that! I mean come on! Are you remembering the moments after the happenings or during it? It is not always about what the music explains. It is always how you take that music and explain it to yourself! So.. Music for me is not only a ‘thing’. It is a whole world with everything that I need.

So, what’s your definition of music?

-divyata shah. Thank you for your guest post. 🙂

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