• nathi nonsense

New girl in the city.

‘Hey hey hey! You have to hear this.’                                                                                                            My over excited brother, as always, was eager to share. I had known.                                     ‘what now!??’                                                                                                                                          Frowning, he starts. ‘I met this girl today…..’

Was he serious?

‘Oh god! Not again man. I do not want to listen to it!’                                                                    Well,I guess I had misinterpreted things.

‘Come on! It’s not such stuff always. At least listen to me.’                                                               ‘Do I have an option?’                                                                                                                                         He continued, ‘Okay, so, I met this girl today. A fearless girl! She had joined my art classes just a month ago for NID and NIFT. And the most surprising thing is that, She is from Assam!! Probably of my age, she has come here to live her dreams alone. And she, for the first time, has stepped out of her house alone! Isn’t that just amazing?’

Had to admit.

‘OMG! Wow! That is truly amazing! And did you talk to her? Of course you did! Tell me about it. Did you ask her if she is scared or something? Does she have friends already?’

My blabbering couldn’t stop, as usual!

‘Woah, woah, chill!  Yes, I did talk to her. She has some friends in the class itself! And you know what the strangest thing is? She is not scared of facing anything.’


‘Not possible! Come on, she must be lying.’                                                                                            But she was not. I had to meet her.

The very next day, in the same art class where my brother goes, I went to meet her. A pretty, cute yet mature looking girl, with a pencil in her hand, stepped out of the door with my brother. They smiled to me, I did the same.

As she came to me, I started throwing questions not bothering if she was comfortable or not. Yes,  I know it was rude of me, but I couldn’t just let my excitement hold me. I had to speak! But I guess she was comfortable enough. She was just as eager to talk to me. I could see that.

So I started without hesitating.                                                                                                                  ‘Hey, I already know about you, because of my over exited brother. Just tell me one thing. Are you scared to start new?’

I guess she was not used to such questions by a stranger.

‘Haha! Why do both of you keep asking me that! I am not. Just not. I do not have a particular reason.’                                                                                                                                                     I know what my brother was thinking, his favorite dialogue- ‘kissi bhi jaaga pe pochne ke l lie ek jagah se nikalna jaroori hota he.’ Meaning, to reach a destination, you have to get out of somewhere.

We were inspired. She was not scared because she was clear. She was firm about her goals and passionate to complete them. The thought of being scared never had hit her. She was clear. She was not scared.

We invited her over for a coffee.                                                                                                                    The next day, I was doing something…. oh yeah my result! I got 9.4 by the way!                  She came in, I knew that instant why she wanted to be a fashion designer, she had that thing in her. I could feel the vibes.                                                                                                                We made her travel in a rickshaw. She was eager to explore. Maybe she was someone like us.                                                                                                                                                                        Sitting with a cold coffee, in her hand. She was quiet, just listening to us all. Not uttering a word, just laughing.                                                                                                                                                 I asked her, ‘What do you want to do in life? And why did you choose NID?’

Maybe everyone has an inside story.                                                                                                         She said, ‘I want to become a tattoo designer actually, but lets see. And my mom wanted me to come here and learn designing.’

Wait a second, her mom?

‘Wait, you came here just because your mom said?’                                                                      ‘Maybe, but not exactly! I like that too you know.’

I still do not know her purpose, but knowing her some. I know she wanted to be free, wanted to leave the bars that held her. She wanted to explore! That’s why she was here. And that inside story, was still unknown to us.

She saw our world a bit differently. Walking down the streets, pointing to one scooter, saying it was beautiful the way it is parked is something strange. Our cultures were very different. We could see it in the way we were.


But, somewhere she was just like us. Just like me. Her thoughts, her taste. It was like, we were the same yet we were not.

So why did culture matter? When the hearts of all the beings are just as kind? Why can’t we just stop seeing people as someone different and not just as an another being?

I did the same thing, looking for differences between us, making things complex. Asking her why she was scared. I did not see the things existing. I realized that making everything complex will not solve the problem, it will just complex the whole situation and we can’t find the answers in such a situation. Actually, that complexity is our state of mind. It’s just simple! If you can see it and understand it.

She was not scared. But I thought that it’s a big thing to move from a state to another. I made it more complex, when it has been just simple. She was clear, and her thoughts did not have the space to be scared! Simple as that.

She was a new girl in the city, she was inspiring. But she was like me. She was like all of us.



keep smiling 🙂

manasvi S.