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‘Nirbhay’ Indians.

Do you know what Nirbhaya means literally?

It means the one who is Fearless.

By now, we all know about Nirbhaya’s case and I hope we also remember how quickly we have forgotten it!

For the benefit of those who are still unaware about the same, Nirbhaya was raped by a group of men accompanied by a ‘minor’ on 16th December, 2012. And recently, the juvenile was set free by our very own government because, obviously, he was not an adult!

He raped a girl, saw her dying and still he isn’t punished because he was a MINOR.

According to our constitution’s Juvenile Justice Act, he was to be kept in a remand home for three years and now that he has completed his term and has attained the age of 20, he is free to go.

In spite of the protests held near the India Gate, the Supreme Court dismissed the plea to imprison him by saying that it would be unconstitutional.

Is the term ‘Democracy’ applied only to the creamy layer of the society?

All the Lalus and Salmans get away with their crimes and when it comes to demand justice for a girl who lost her life because of these people, we are giving a second thought?

Do you know that there is this bill in the parliament which is not being passed. After many members of the parliament demanded to pass it, it is now being considered for discussions!

Each and every soul in this country knows about it and still we can not do any thing about it. Nothing.

Concluding, I would like to tell you what Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother, said after the juvenile was allowed to go.

She said, “Jurm jeet gaya, hum haar gaye.” meaning, “Crime won and we lost.”

Does it hurt you?

It hurts me!

We all are so NIRBHAY!

~Manasvi N.

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