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Hard time to live, isn’t it? In the past few decades, we’ve been hit by, we’ve been struck by a smooth criminal, i.e. nature. We’ve come across deadly floods, fatal earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear war threats and of course unadapted viruses and incurable diseases. It is pretty heavy to take in so much when we are finally approaching the fantasy times of 2020s. 50 years ago, we were making movies and plays about these years imagining we would have flying cars and tall abstract buildings.

Did we do it? Yes.

What did it cost? Everything.

One thing that we all should know is that in terms of cognitive evolution, most development that happened within us, happened until 10,000 years ago. In fact, about until 50,000 years ago, there were more than one species of Humans. But it wasn’t long when the species that flourished and survived was us, Homo Sapiens. We did not just conquer other humans, we spread all over the world, manipulated the environment and indirectly impacted the balance of nature just for our survival. About until 12,000 years ago, Diprotodon, the largest known marsupial, roamed the forbidden lands of Australia and other islands like Madagascar, along with giant sloths, giant bears and other elements of this excellent megafauna. Humans reached these areas around the same time these species went extinct. Hmm, coincidence? I guess not!

In the Americas, 84 out of 107 species of mammals vanished only within 2000 years of human arrival.

After all of this, we began to manipulate the floral arrangements of this planet by domesticating only the plants that we needed and burning all the rest. We made, not only our surroundings, but even the surroundings of our surroundings, comfortable for us, rather than adapting to it.

Our species have lived on this planet for 200,000 years. Industrial Revolution took place about 300 years ago. Do you really think that is what development was? This planet has been home to zillions of organic species for more than 4.5 billion years. There are no organisms present right now that were present when this planet was born. The human idea of ‘future’ is complete fantasy and there is no denying that fact.

We developed on this planet, we survived for thousands of years, we conquered every corner, destroyed hundreds of land masses, killed thousands of plants and animals, I think we’ve done enough damage. It’s time we get familiar with our imaginary concepts of life and death; and understand the fact that this planet or its organisms, do not care about our existence. We contribute nothing and in fact, none of the species living on this planet contribute as such. The minimal efforts that we make, cause no difference whatsoever.

Today, we come across the saddening news of artists that have passed and we’re all stuck inside our houses to mourn deaths of the people who inspire us. It is sad and I get it. This is the only thing that makes us different from other species. A person 7000 miles away, in New York and I have the same feelings towards the passing away of Irrfan Khan. That’s marvelous. That’s the power of society. We’re more social than any animal on this planet. We can unite with our distant fellows only by some imaginary, non-existent concepts like religion, nationality, political institutions or feelings. These are all made up concepts, in fact, every concept that exists is a made up concept because it was created by us to be taught to us by us. Time for instance was made to understand things better, to memorize scenarios in order to predict something that hasn’t even happened yet and make necessary adjustments in the natural balance so that the predictions come true. Conservation is another concept. Who are we to decide what should remain on this planet and what shouldn’t? Why are algae and fungi negative whereas wheat and barley are positive elements? Even when every single organism existing currently, goes extinct, the current gases are replaced by new ones, the oceans dry out, this planet will remain. This planet is a celestial body and not another made up God that ‘PrOteCts uS’ and we’re not it’s ‘gAurDiaNs’. We’re parasites, that what we are. We suck out resources and are good for nothing. Children in school are taught things like ‘Sheep gives us wool’, no it doesn’t! It’s a part their body, why would it GIVE something like that? We TAKE wool from it. Do we GIVE our body-hair or skin to dogs when they feel cold?

It’s time we realize this planet isn’t ours or any other species’, it’s a planet. A celestial environment where beings of different kinds are born and survive. The planet goes through changes and phases from the impacts of existing species. The only impact that humans created was destruction and the whole planet probably regrets creating a suitable environment for us. I know this year isn’t something we ‘planned’ and we’re facing a ton of issues but we’re not the only organism on this planet, are we? Not every change that’ll happen would happen for us. We will come to an end sooner or later but the Earth never will. The end that is near, is ours. We are stuck in a very complicated lifestyle, from which there is no going back.

I do not intend to inculcate any values or propagate any kind of idea through this article. If you think there’s some value that I could’ve attached to my words and propagated towards you, I just did.

Alright, now y’all can go back to complaining about how bad 2020 has been.

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