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Not 365 days, but infinite moments.

I still have the habit of writing ‘2014’ instead of 2015. And oh look! The ‘amazing’ year has now ended. The 365 days of 2015 seemed long, as well as too short! There is a mix of emotions flowing inside me, even though scientifically, only one emotion works at a time. This year, sorry no, the last year was the most important year for me. And today I am sharing my infinite moments with you, and not just 365 days.

This year seemed long to me. Not because I had hardships or stuff! But because I had lived so many moments completely! I had made the most of me, and the infinite time! One year back, I was just a girl named Manasvi, with a few friends, a good family who usually got good marks.  I was then exposed to a lot of experiences; I was opened up to this beautiful world with a new perspective and some amazing people! I faced a lot of ups and downs, I experienced a lot of my emotions- anger, sadness, happiness, fear! And I went beyond those emotions. But no matter what life tested me with, I was willing to change. I was willing to give a new identity to this 16 year old thin girl. I was willing to create and rebuilt myself this year. And, the best part? I did.

The world around me knows me as someone who is always positive, always chirpy and smiling! But in reality, I was negative about who I was from inside. I was seen as a person spreading love, but from inside I hated myself back then, I lacked love for me. I was showing love which was absent for myself. And thus I was hollow from inside. I believed that I was never good enough. And then? I decided to change! I had no idea how I would, but one thing was for sure that I wanted to CHANGE. And the universe supported me in this. It gave me experiences that I am so grateful for right now. Times were tough, but I knew it was for good.

I fell into a pit, I evolved and changed in the process of climbing up that deep pit. And finally when I was out, I was much stronger, confident and better. I decided to love myself! I was willing to be open to anything life throws at me. Now, I can proudly say that I love myself. I accept and appreciate all my flaws and strengths. I believe I am beautiful, talented and I believe I can achieve anything I think. This year did that to me. So many people helped me in this process, and there are so many things to be grateful for. Who said time is always less? Count your blessings, live moments rather than days. I am sure; time would never just slip by!

The one major lesson that I learned, in all these hundreds of moments is that if you have the courage to love yourself, to believe in yourself, if you have the trust that whatever is happening is for something really good, you have all the powers with you to do anything you wish for. This is not a motivational speech I heard, this is from the experiences of a 16 year old, which has an identity now, she created on her own. The one who is no longer known as a thin girl, who is instead known as a strong girl. Who has a lot of capabilities in her, who is known by her work and actions rather than her parents. Who now gives meaning to her name ‘Manasvi’ the one who listens to her heart and who now follows it.

I hope you all had something to remember this year, and I hope you are all proud of the moments you spent and the decisions and mistakes you made this year. Wish you all a revolutionary 2016.

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

Keep smiling 🙂

~Manasvi s.

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