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Not Just a Blog.

“I came home tired and ‘not’ frustrated, threw my bag and myself on the couch, grabbed my phone and began scrolling down my Instagram and Facebook with a hope of finding something, even a tiny bit, different from the usual stuff.

Although, I knew somewhere that my hope was just going to be slaughtered. The same faces pouting and the same people faking it and oh behold! The same pages posting quotes and posts filled with melancholy.

Talking of which, I would die to make someone explain to me what makes all these posts, people, souls, pages so damned sad, distressing, agonising and all the depressing terms put together? It is such a horrible idea, sharing your grief with other people. I mean it surely does help, but what about you killing the other person’s mood?

Uh, I have such mixed thoughts about this. But, that’s okay, isn’t it? I am a teenager, a part of the youth, I am allowed to have mixed thoughts about whatever I want!

Youth, sounds so bubbly and cheerful, doesn’t it? The problem is, I SEE no enthusiasm which is supposed to be present in the youth. All I am able to see is hot-headed mad young men and women, strongly wanting to go against the society. Most of whom I have knowledge about, don’t know what to fight for. They have absolutely no clue as to what to rebel about. And oh, they don’t ‘care’ about anyone, at least that’s what their captions say. They do not ‘care’ about any thing other than their likes and comments.

I stalked a lot of pages and accounts looking for positive and happy excerpts but all I found was “don’t care”, “life is bad”, “love is pain”  and “want to die early”.

Love, Life, Death, these terms were not coined for stupid heads like us to use them so casually as if they mean nothing. All we do is make these beautiful terms loose their significance. If I were ever to address the YOUTH, I would advise them to just look up to everything around them. To be positive and cheerful is what’ll help them get  over their monotonous lives. Besides, melancholy and sadness is certainly not what the youth needs.

What we, the YOUTH needs is positivism and intellectual perspectives and it’s high time that we learn some ethics and values and not choose to go against them. 

I am not saying that I’m altogether different from the others. All I am wanting to say is that I have a dream. A dream of a place where everyone is happy and glowing. Where the Young Generation, the Youth itself is the inspiration for all the people. That dream world is where I crave for us all to live.

Would you help me create  a world like that?”

What you just read is nothing but a though of one of our team members. Nathi Nonsense, and the people around it, is striving to make a difference in not just how people think but also how they can help lay a foundation of a better, more advanced and understanding world. For that, not just the Youth but the elder generation and their mindset has to change as well!

This show is a call from our side and at receiver’s end there’s each one of us.



The YOU-th.

All you have to do is tune in to 107.8 FM Amdavadis, every Friday from the 17th of February, 2017.

And for those who don’t live in Ahmedabad and who cannot reach us through the Radio (because the radio’s range might not cover your area), we will probably be coming up with a Podcast as well!


– Nathi Nonsense

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