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Our manali trance! : part 2

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So now its been days and months since these two arrived at Ahmedabad. And i believe, since that time, things have change. The bond, the trust, conversations among us, almost everything within us is more than it was before.

picture of manasvi s. experiences

They made new friends, the culture and surroundings that they were attached to; gave me blissful vibes.

Manasvi shah! A shy, an introvert somewhere, hidden by her own self, loose confidence like any of us had at the beginning of this period. But there’s always a bright side of the story, the person who was nervous, dying inside, did not know herself wasnt the same anymore, she came back with stories to tell, further to create tales and this time beautiful ones.

She introduced me to Peehu, not physically, but her words were enough to get to know one person.

peehu! ( picture of manasvi S’s experience)

“Peehu…how should i tell you Meghna?! She’s just like you, i could see your reflection in her” i kept silent “yes, peehu, She was bindaas, fearless, cool, honest, she was more than those silly girls out there”. “Wow, seems to be interesting!”

I thought, for a while, how this girl would be, but then i really didn’t have to wash-up my mind, her stories were endless.

manasvi-peehu (picture of manasvi s experience)

In all, Manasvi saw herself in peehu, atleast for once, that can i be as independent as her? And maybe that’s how things changed. Subconsiously, peehu stood there like a model, and guided her to the right track. Her confidence, her smile, her attitude towards anything and everything came out to be fearless.

Well, its not just the people around, maybe the surrounding, the nature, built her in something new, camping is difficult, specially in such terrains, her capability of facing physical challenges in those places could be reflected back mentally as well. The problems no matter how nerve wrecking they are, the strength to tackle life problems some what got easier.

photo of manasvi s experience

Just like Manasvi nag, my lil’ macho man, wasnt less, but she was different, and somewhat a mirror image of peehu, so she went all alone, carefree, and independent, just sitting around with strangers throughout the journey isnt a easy task to be honest, and i guess for her it wasnt that difficult,

And in this case, i dont know, maybe her peers didnt effect her this time deeply, but the time she gave to herself and to the environment was more than enough, her attachment to her care free personality got more strong, the bond she already had with herself grew out to be better.

her gang! ( picture of manasvi N experience)

Nature worked wonders as well, she already had the capability to face the stone-hard situations, but how to overcome them and find easy ways to deal with it.

photo of manasvi N experience

photo of manasvi N experience

More of it. It changed her, more bold, strong, care free, independent, more flexible, things made her invincible.

To be true, this was like a personality check like in the school report cards!

But, the true intriquate version of them can be hardly recognised by one unless someone too close. Their strength, and the way of living was undoubtedly changed.

I waved goodbye to two old friends, i greeted with warm hugs to two new ones.

Go to such journeys, go to places with serenity around! Settle the chaos in you. Find yourself. The best way to do this is by being in your uncomfortable zone. Do things that scare you, let those things excite you. Make bonds! know people around you. You never know how they can impact you, change you. Like it did to both of them. Nature has an unknown power. It is something amazing, you can feel the power just by being around nature. Its hard describing it in words.

Try finding yourself! Know yourself, do not be afraid in testing your capabilities. Be open to new circumstances! Invite those opportunities.

Manali was not just a journey for them, it was a pathway to make them realise who they are. It was a life changing experience.

Keep smiling and exploring yourself!

~M cube collab!

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