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Puchne Mei Kya Harz Hei?

Leaving from my friend’s house with an urge to reach as soon as possible to mine, being a hungry human that I usually am, I walked with a fast pace.

A woman, quite old as she seemed, walking with a stick in her hand bent really low, had a smile on her face as she entered the lift. My bag got stuck somewhere in the door so I could not enter the lift as the same time as her, but, she waited for me.

I smiled warmly, conveying my gratitude, and entered the lift.

She wished me good morning with surprising enthusiasm and although I loved the cheerful gesture I felt a bit awkward.

She talked, rather, mumbled about a couple of more topics but I was not able to comprehend them and hence I just nodded.

I had thought that our small trip and the one sided conversation had ended as the lift reached the ground floor, but she was still talking and smiling.

She walk was a bit too weird, maybe because of her age. Who am I to judge? But, she didn’t seem to mind how she looked to others as her walk was surely confident.

By now I was slightly irritated with the constant murmurs as I could not possibly understand what she was saying at all!

I cursed my friend for leaving me alone to handle this! We were still walking and I was faster than her, subconsciously trying to avoid her.

Out of the blue, she asked me,

“aap gaadi ya petrol vali bike pe aaye ho” (Have you come in a car or a bike?)

 “nahi, me rickshaw me ghar jaungi” (No, I will take an auto rickshaw)

She, without giving it a second thought, told me about her knee pain and her problems with walking and also informed me that she had to go to the grocery store which was about 500 meters away, and asked me if I could drop her.

I was taken aback for a second, that was quick and unexpected ,  I took a couple of minutes to understand what she meant. I hesitated and told her that I would take a completely different route.

She understood but insisted anyway, maybe she knew she wouldn’t be able to walk that much.

I felt bad for telling her that it would be a different route, how easily do we forget to be kind and show this world our beautiful hearts, right?

I slowed down my pace, started walking with her. Even if I could not understand clearly what she had to say, I listened.

I asked her to wait and walked to get a  rickshaw. When I dropped her to the store, she had tears in her eyes!

She blessed me with so many words and thank me from her heart.

The smile and happiness with which she bid me a goodbye left a lasting impression on me. This small gesture, made my day!

We hesitate to ask for help so many times! She was clear about her misery, straight to me about her problems, and at the same time, grateful for the small negligent help I provided her.

I did nothing great, she made me do this and yet, the amount of love she showered on me made me so happy!

We feel ashamed of ourselves, of our actions. We never say that out loud powerfully, like she did. We get so ashamed of showing our weakness to people, asking for help!

Maybe doing that just shows how responsible and strong you are about whatever you go through.

Nothing is wrong in just asking.

Nothing is wrong in seeking help.

It does not make you weak, it just proves your strength.

Keep Helping. 🙂

-Manasvi shah

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