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See how destiny Unfolds.

See how destiny unfolds!

Date: 16 may 2015

Place: Chandigarh rose gardens.

I gave a tired look to my sister seated beside me. This was the 3rd place of the day that we were visiting, and we some 62 were already tired. Plus it was unexpectedly hot, and our skin was burning. My luck was bad that day, or maybe good. The bus driver had to be changed and the next driver was supposed to come after 4-5 hours. We were stuck. I was not going to be confined to my uncomfortable seat, so we went out to drink some lemon soda. Ironically that was the best yet my worst decision. We expected some cold drink which would relieve us from the heat. But that soda was the worst soda I had ever tasted. It was a mixer of the sweetest, sourest drink. My nerves were high by now. I went to the bus in total disgust. Then a girl, who was wearing a red and white stripped t-shirt went to drink the same soda with her friend. I, being a kind hearted person wanted to save her from the shitty taste. So popping my head out of the window I shouted to her with anything that came to my mind, as I didn’t know her name. she turned around, I was shaking my head and yelling no! “don’t dare drink it” I shouted. Yet she was someone who made decisions on her own. She did taste some, and threw it just like me. And I could not ever forget the face she made. She went back, took some pudina and gave the sodawala an angry face. We somehow at that moment just clicked. I do not know why, but I had a feeling that I have to know this girl. This intuition was very strong. It was the same with her.


The same night while travelling in the same congested bus, the lights were out but people in the bus were still awake and full of life. This EDM was playing, and I wanted to dance badly. Being a shy girl then, I did not stand up. Then some seats ahead of me I saw a girl standing up. The same red and white strips! She started dancing, our eyes met. She signalled me to stand up and let it go. I too stood up and had a time of my life.

We communicated less in the initial days of the trip, words does not much to communicate. We had already connected. She had helped me a lot in overcoming all my fears and making me confident and proud of my know self. Just her presence did this for me. Those incidents changed both of our lives. It’s said that New friends become very good friends if they share the same social anxiety. I guess that’s why we became best of friends. There were like 1 in a million chance to meet a girl living in Baroda and become this close. We changed each other’s lives. We meet some thrice in a year. But still are connected. What destiny did to us was beautiful and unbelievable.


But the story does not end here. I was back from Manali. All happy and transformed. But my destiny still had lots in store for me. A girl who had a very negative judgment of a boy in Manali, restricted her to talk to him. We had a small talk once in the whole trip when I asked him about how the coffee was. Other than that, no communication and no intuitions like that girl. But yet destiny wanted us to meet and become friends. As, contacts exchanged after Manali. We started chatting formally with no hopes of becoming even good friends. But that guy in baroda lost his internet and was confined to chat only on SMS. I who just got a new phone was also confined to only SMS. So we were forcefully each other’s only company to talk to, after that we used to talk all day, we became each other’s support systems. And that was the reason that we are best friends now! The influence he has on my life, and the influence I had on his life was what we both needed. We happened to each other on the right time. Strangers in manali then to friends who had to SMS each other because there was no internet and to best friends now. This seems like a fairytale to both of us. But we are more than grateful to god for that.

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Looking back at my life before Manali, I can see how much I have changed now, because of both of them and my experience. I have no idea what I would have done if I had not found them. Never knew a bitter lemon soda and not having internet can change lives. I can endlessly write about this, I have lived so many moments with them. I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and if it has not yet happened wait for it to happen. It will happen. Be open to your destiny. It is the most beautiful think to believe in. And miracles do happen. Look around, wait and watch. Bonds like this have a reason to why they exist. Maybe the reason is the smile that we 3 have on our face, or some reason still unknown. But these are forever bonds. Do not lose hope, your destiny will lead you, like it lead me. And it would be unexpected! if something like that can happen with me, which just exists in movies, it can happen to anyone. JUST BELIEVE.

And to both of you, i dedicate this post to you both. my life is beautiful since we met. The flower which needed water to blossom was provided by you both. for that i am grateful. hope we meet real soon.

Believe in destiny

~Manasvi S.

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