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‘Shastriji’, said Subash Babu.


One of the most powerful and controversial thoughts of freedom and how to acquire it was by our great freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose who believed in building a powerful army of Indians to fight the Britishers and acquire our freedom on the cost of blood; because, according to him, non-violence was a method too slow for a reward as huge as freedom.

August 18, 1945.

Speculations suggest that Bose died that day in a plane crash, his body was burnt badly and he was hence declared dead; cremated the same day and his ashes taken to Tokyo, no proof of his death, no photographs, and nobody saw him. And, other speculations suggest that he went to Russia for building the army. None of these guarantee Bose’s Death or his being Alive.


A man standing strong on his principals; the then railway minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, who resigned from his post considering himself responsible after a fatal incident, who then became the home minister and then the second Prime Minister of India after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964. He led India into the historic war of India-Pakistan in 1965. He worked for agricultural India as much as for the rights of the soldiers. A great admirer of Subhash Chandra Bose.

11 January 1966.

Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Tashkent in the former Soviet Union after signing the historic Tashkent Declaration that ended the Indo-Pak war. All energetic in the morning, Shastriji dies suddenly in the evening, his face turned blue after a while; the diary entry of that day went missing. Speculations suggest that it was a murder, the truth? No one knew.

11th January 1966, 12:30 P.M. During lunch,

‘Shastriji’, said Bose Babu, ‘I still do not want to tell people I am alive.’

‘It’s been 20 years since people have muddled about your life Bose babu. There have been hundreds of speculations about your death. People say you died in the plane crash, some believe you went to Russia for building an army and some fanatics are still believing that you are working for the country, I am tired of not breathing a word about it and supporting you from under my table Bose babu.’ said Shastri, firmly but politely.

‘You know how my silent support to the country is helping you Shastri. I am glad Nehru is dead, I trust you with the post of the PM. I am so proud our country retaliated strongly to Pakistan. You have made great use of the soldiers I sent you. Let me help this way, I like being a silent hero as always.’

‘The people of India deserve to know the truth, Bose Babu.’ said Shastriji with a rift in his voice.

‘The people of India deserve their freedom and safety. You are now working for their freedom and equality, let me work for their safety. I am reluctant about this.’ Bose babu was very clear.

Bose Babu went to Manchuria and then to Russia to build up an army, the people of the country gave him their gold and trust, and Bose Babu used it wisely over these years. He believed in the young angry blood of soldiers. Bose Babu was alive and was in constant touch with me all this time. He knew that the Indian National Congress did not support his ways and he wanted the freedom to do whatever he wanted with his country, his India. He thus was building an army, strong from the mind, which was filled with revolutionaries like himself. I met him after 20 years today in Russia and I still do not know whether to support him this way or not, the people of India deserve to know the truth.


The Actual Series of Events that took place:

Officer Stanley, was appointed as the Calcutta police head when Bose babu was alive. He was frustrated on the question of whether Bose was alive or dead. He did not stop looking for evidence. He speculated that the strong army of India in the Pakistan war must be the work of Bose Babu. He knew him too well. He followed Shastri to Russia, overheard the conversation of Shastri and Bose Babu in his hotel and killed both of them in the evening with poison. He did not reveal the death of Bose Babu, burnt him and ended his misery of years.

The mystery of the deaths of these great leaders has always been kept a mystery. He never wanted India to get out of this misery. This was his sweet revenge for the Indians who dreamt of freedom because of Bose Babu and could imagine developments and peace because of Shashtri ji.

*This is not the real story; we have taken a creative liberty to create a story from the speculations. We do not intend to pass any wrong information to anyone.*

-Manasvi Shah

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