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Sipping through Reality.

Woman she is, of substance.

Woman she is, with purpose.

The grinding stops and the French quoted mug is ready to kiss her with the freshly brewed foam. Two entities were just ready for the usual discussion; for, coffee holds every right to choose you as the host and learn your thoughts.

She goes to the terrace with the foam wobbling in her hands. A chair is pulled out and the air above it, is suddenly charged by her morning tea-soap smell that had settled onto her shoulders. And she takes a look at what the city had to offer her this day, and sits back, disappointed. The sickness and aggression amongst the people hasn’t shifted a mark right, these are the people who demand equality. Equality from what; the treatment? All we are living for is peace, fighting over for latter will make us rather distant from it.

As she continues sipping, she pulls out all the strings that, as a woman, bothered her. This was not brooding at sunrise or overthinking, she needed an answer for the one last time. She had to come to a conclusion to live normally. Digging deeper, about how evolution came with the rules and we brought about the changes and how these changes were wrong as they saw through time. These are the thoughts that prevailed in and made her believe that she was not fighting for her rights. To educate oneself is healthy not necessarily its application.

Coffee helped.

She further thinks how she has seen mothers who are happy with the process of upbringing which involves them into the art of homemaker, these are mothers educated enough to choose what is right for them. She is self sufficient and does not mind going in the flow of rituals. Not that she was less learned nor was she unaware but she did not want to complain about things just because everybody is talking about it.

She would’ve raised her voice when needed, but why not take giant topics like these with a pinch of salt. Broken thoughts like these which amount to nothing, conclude nothing, improve nothing, are a part of her routine. She’s harmless, so is everybody. Quarrels begin when opinions differ, when they differ individual choices get considerations which is when fights for individual rights begin. If independence is the beauty of human rights, who do they want to abide by new laws becoming toxic in the coming years.

The world is no more a healthier place to live, she says.

The coffee foam settles and the mug is taken back to her space.

Just another day.

– Ravi Patel.

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