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So Say The Downtrodden

                    “The soul has neither sex, nor caste nor imperfection.”                                                                 Swami Vivekananda                                                              

Recently, I read a book through which I astonishingly came to know that during the partition of India and Pakistan, the men of both the countries would rape the women of the opposite nation in heavily crowded marketplaces. The book was titled ‘fiction’ but the impact it had on me was real.                                                                                                                  Supposedly, you are a girl of grade 8 and you’re happy as ever. But, your happiness is lost when you were sexually assaulted. You try and let go off the haunted thoughts you get after it. And just when you are over it, you are assaulted again by the same person. And yet again. That’s what happened to one of my friends, and i just came to know it. Her parents didn’t do a damn about it.  If at all her identity is revealed, she will be considered an immoral women. So says the stereotype.  Our prestigious country has developed so much that  we make nuclear weapons but not a secure nation for our females. I was informed about a similar case that must have happened hundreds of years ago. The case of Draupadi. Being an Atheist, i do not believe in the same but one thing i liked about it was that she had a hero. Krishna. But, my friend didn’t.                                                               Unrevealed. They stay unsaid. Thousands of them. We know about them, but what do we do? Say “aww”? The mindset is what needs a change. Hundreds of am-matures like me have written something like i have, but in vain. Be a Krishna. Not a Dushashan. The history is repeating itself. Lets make a change.                                                                                                       So say the Downtrodden.

Will they always be ‘The Downtrodden’?

Introducing our bit for the New”Civilisation”

Don’t Believe me, Just Read!                                                                                                                         ~Manasvi N.

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