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Souls like us. Indians like us!

So its Eid tomorrow, a very respected festival in India now. Muslims, they are an integral part of India from donkeys of years back! They share a big part of our population, roughly about 180 million! Some of these Muslims have changed the fate of India. They are quite responsible for the ‘good’ image India has. And guys, get your minds clear. All those 180 millions are not terrorists or bad human beings. They are souls like us and are proud Indians like all of us!

1) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

This name brings a smile to all our faces, and our chest just grows wider with proud. He is an Indian, and he is a Muslim. So why doesn’t your mouth twitch when you hear his name?  So he is a scientist and the 11th president of India, and have changed India and its people immensely! He is the inspiration to millions, the role model of thousands and a good human, which is rare these days. He was regarded as the ‘people’s president’ and has worked just and fair for his people. His writings and thoughts are loved by all. He is the man who has written many books, and works for the people, and helps them to develop. He was criticized for favoring the Hindus and not the Muslims. But what showed was his work, not of which god he belonged to.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true

~A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

2) M.F. Hussain

One of The greatest painter of the world. Sadly we lost him some years back, but his work can never die. To painters and artists, he is an idol. He not only paints, he feels the power of the colors, he understands them and expresses his emotions in the most unbelievable and in the most beautiful ways. He was a gift to our nation. You simply cannot hate his work. Known as the ‘”Picasso of India, ” he was associated in Indian modernism. He did paint some controversial paintings, but in the end he rose the art of India to a new level. He was also a great filmmaker. Sadly we lost him on 9th June 2011

I’m an Indian-origin painter. I will remain so until my last breath.


3) A.R. Rahman

This guy brought the Grammy and Oscar to India. A composer and a performer! A. R. Rahman, changed the Indian music and brought it to a different height! Rahman is one of the world’s top selling recording artists. It’s said, that the quality of his music, with the beautiful lyrics and feel of the whole song, cuts through the spectrum of classes and culture in India. His music unites Indians. This Muslim guy, made history!

music is about transporting people; speaking a language which language fails to express.

~A.R. Rahman

4) Aamir khan

Films, media, tv shapes our mind. And this tremendous actor and a human being did amazing work to do this. A very hard working, versatile, smart, intelligent and a great person! Not only with his movies, but with tv shows like satyamev jayate and campaigns like polio. He played a role of the citizen of India far better than anybody could. I respect this guy and his work a lot. Change yourself, for being the change. That’s what this person did. And he will not stop, this khan is set to be the change to see the change. This khan is different, from all!

I ll do what I feel is right, I am not scared to walk on the new path and take risks.

~Aamir Khan

5) Sania Mirza

She might be criticized a lot, but is one of the best sportswomen we have in India. If I know something about tennis than its just that Sania Mirza represents India. And I don’t understand why she is criticized so much, it’s her choice to marry whomever she wants. We are no one to judge her. She is the most successful tennis player of India. She is a Wimbledon doubles champion and is currently world No. 1 in doubles. I respect her for going again all odds, and making us proud!

Negativity sells. I have been labelled a rebel. If I had been one, would I have got married at 23? Would I have been a straight A student?

~Sania Mirza

These were just 5 from thousands. I am sure India would have been completely different if we did not have them. The common thing that all of them share is, that all of them are Muslims and Indians. Guys wake up! Change your mentality. This religion is quite pure and the people are souls like us. Is it that a Hindu won’t commit something wrong? Why tag Muslims! They are very, very talented and we have proofs with us. Aren’t we proud to have them in our country?

So, This Eid I would like to wish all, regardless of any religion Eid mubarrak.J Just love people, all kinds! Look for things that people miss. Be different. Be yourself. RESPECT ALL.

Manasvi s.

#eidmubarrak #equality #indians #muslims

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