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Speakers and listeners

A variety of people have gathered to listen to the adequacy of one speaker acquiring to speak convincingly well. It takes courage to be able to give a talk to the intellectuals who according to your presumption are interested in the subject you are addressing to.

So, you stimulate the audience along interesting lines of talk. Needn’t destroy your effectiveness for you think you are time bound but certainly can take the shape of whatever span you’ve been restricted to and produce something intelligent. Excitement about the subject, it’s delivery and what the listeners take away from it are things to be eagerly awaited.

The listeners however think of the situation as a plot where the narration is in the form of a societal, political, textbook talk where listening is their only job. Very slowly does a story build up, then does the talk come to life where they feel they have relived the experience whereas this is their very first time. Let them leave with the taste of your belief through the monologue.

Arouse in the audience an eager want so that they don’t promptly label you or your talk boring. Delivery is not the only place that need to be taken care of, you need to gain enough confidence to stand up and talk because you are possibly the wisest and learned man in that room who knows the best about that subject.

Curated wisdom from the speaker and the listeners thus, make a good talk successful and later influence the listeners at some place or the other in their foreseen life.

⁃ Ravi Patel

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