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Sudan Blues

The streets of Sudan heard the cries of rejoice turn into cries for help in less than 3 months’ time.

The internet is turning blue, mourning for the Sudanese people.

#BlueForSudan has taken over the netizens as they attempt to honour Mohamed Mattar, one of the many victims of the Sudan massacre.

December of last year saw protests emerging on the Sudanese streets against its authoritarian President, Omar al-Bashir, who was in power since 1989. He had taken over after leading that drove out the previous government. He retained his power throughout 30 years by immoral means and undemocratic elections, increasing the people’s unrest year by year.

Finally, after many people lost their lives at the hands of the security forces for protesting, Omar al-Bashir was removed from power and imprisoned in April 2019.

But if Omar al-Bashir’s 30 year long reign had concluded, then why is Sudan still protesting and ultimately being killed?

The Sudanese thought that now was finally the time for them to rule, and so the military council and opposition groups agreed on a three year transition to democracy, but things went south in May.

Activists and demonstrators took their issues to the streets, demanding the downfall of a regime that they never wanted and being ruled once again by people they never elected. A mass civil disobedience movement now emerged nationwide where people started boycotting their jobs and actively participating in protests.

Khartoum, the capital of Sudan has seen the most unrest as the streets are now deserted by people but filled with blood and bodies. Soldiers and paramilitary groups have been open-firing in areas where people demand democracy. One of such massacres took place earlier this month where atleast 118 people lost their lives in a pro-democracy sit-in in Khartoum. Civilian protestors have been attacked by the country’s military, making the rape and death rates reach at an alarmingly high rate.

Internet, which was a safe space for the Sudanese people in their tightly monitored country, has also been taken away from them, completely cutting them off from the outside world.

Now, the present Sudanese rulers have finally acknowledged the fact that their officers have committed “violations” while dealing with the protestors who were in no way engaged in a violent demonstration. General Shams Eddin Kabashi, the ruling military spokesperson revealed that an investigation is underway and many military officials have already been imprisoned.

The Sudanese doctors stated that over 70 rapes of both men and women were carried out during an attack in Khartoum alone. And these are just the reported cases alone, there are innumerable incidents that have not and will never be reported.

What is happening in Sudan is wrong.

What is happening in Sudan is inhumane.

What is happening in Sudan needs to end.

-Manasvi Nag

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