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Superheroes aren’t real

Human beings have always had other human beings to look up to. These are the superior, famous idols that successfully inspire a huge amount of people by their actions and achievements. Sometimes when these superiors, super successful individuals needed motivation, instead of looking up to another human, they looked up to fiction. They idolized characters that were not real, characters with superpowers. It might’ve started with what we call today as mythologies which later developed into heroic comics.

Superpower is a word that refers to traits in a human being that are beyond natural. It can be unreal, magical. Magic in itself is defined as an illusion, something that doesn’t actually happen. Every superhero that we come across has a magical power which cannot possibly be possessed by a normal human being. 

But here’s the catch, now think about every legendary person that we know of right now. For example, my personal favourite Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a Portuguese footballer, currently playing for Juventus, an Italian club and OBVIOUSLY Godly at what he does if you are unaware of it. He’s considered one of the most hardworking footballers and is proven to be one of the fittest athletes in the world. Statistically, Ronaldo can run at his highest speed of 34km/hr (recorded at the Fifa WC 2018, Russia at the age 33) and jump up and head a 10ft high ball, he’s the only player who can do that. Unreal, right?

We all know if we work hard enough we can do this too, but what in the world would motivate us to actually get up and do it. There are definitely second bests to Ronaldo too. They are working hard too but unfortunately not as hard as Ronaldo. Something makes me think ‘why isn’t that considered a superpower?’ Ronaldo was one of the many, what I would like to call, superheroes. 

The geniuses have known all over the world, inventing things that we never imagined or only dreamt about. We literally have self-driving cars! How is that not super?! We’ve known people who can give us chills through just talking in front of a microphone. Stephen Hawking was unreal; Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Lionel Messi, Lebron James, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and millions of others. These individuals have been the best at what they chose to do.

They transformed their fields of interest and stunned the world every time they stepped up. They were courageous and fearless.

It’s true that the traits these individuals have aren’t as magical and super as they sound but the real truth lies behind their limitless abilities to do more and never give up.

Being as smart as Tony Stark or being as strong as Steve Rodgers isn’t unreal. Magic isn’t unreal. It’s deep and not impossible. It’s a push to the characteristics of a human, which we termed as impossible. Flying a fighter jet is super, sacrifices are super, overcoming the fear of impossible is, indeed, super. What if I tell you we do have superheroes in the real world? Wouldn’t you agree now?

Written by : Apoorv Mathur

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