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That One Mistake.

“Once, a professor was teaching his class something about the tables in Mathematics, and while he was doing so, he wrote on the board……

9 X 1 = 7

9 X 2 = 18

9 X 3 = 27 and so on.

The students started laughing on him and when the teacher asked the reason, one of them told him that he had written 7 instead of 9. The teacher smiled and replied by saying that he had written it deliberately just to make all of them realise that they had judged him on the basis of just one mistake.

Life is exactly the same, people judge you, criticise you or even laugh on you for a single mistake that you might’v made. They overlook all of your good deeds and correct actions. All they can see is one such mistake.

Each and every phase of your entire life is just the same. People would just wait for you to make a small mistake so that they can mould it and make it a BIG one in front of the world. And then, no matter what good deeds you have been doing for them, or other people, You are just a person who has committed that crime.

Most of the people get affected by these ‘allegations’, they feel ashamed of themselves for doing that one mistake. But, to them, I ask, “Why the hell are you getting affected?”

After all, it’s you who is getting tortured, not those people.

Why even listen to them?

It’s your life and your own mistakes.

Who are they to point them out and judge you on its basis?

If they can’t see the good in you, it’s their loss, isn’t it?

You don’t have to feel guilty about it and you don’t have to think much about these people, even if they have started abandoning you. Your life is as huge as this world and there will be many floods and many droughts. And so is the number of people in the world! Make new friends, explore places, make more mistakes.

Don’t just give up, try to fight. People will always try to pull you down by pointing out on your mistakes instead of praising you for your achievements. They are jealous of you and can’t stand the fact that you are far ahead of them.

But, criticisms and difficulties are an integral part of your life. Otherwise, what good would the feeling of achieving something be?

But, never let these things affect you, if they do, you are just losing yourself to them. Stay strong and always walk with your head held high.

If you are going to get affected by being called a bitch, fake, a sadist or any other damned thing, then god save you!

I wonder who these people are, who judge someone and tag them. I wonder who gave them the right to do so.

Are they rulers, of whom I have never heard?

Or are they gods, whom I have never seen?

I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

All I really know and want you to understand is that you don’t have to bother about what they call you, because the day you start thinking about it your life will start to become a cage. You were born to be free, not to live in a cage of somebody else’s judgements.

Don’t bother about what is being spread about you, behind your back. If these unsung rulers had the guts, they would come to say it your face. You are better than them, aren’t you?

~Vishwa Shah


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