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The Alien.

In everybody’s life, there is a person who stays in the background playing a very important role in the functioning of that person. For us, it is you, Sura a.k.a Surabhi Mishra.

We have had a lot of bad days recently with our site not working and we not being able to give our best to Nathi Nonsense and with all of this, you have helped us a lot.

26th January is not only India’s Republic Day but it is Nathi Nonsense’s Support System’s birthday! A lot of crazy ideas which we got for this blog of ours have been suggested by Sura and we love her for that.

Sura and me have just been friends for about a year and still we have discovered tons of ways to help each other (including ways to destroy this stupid planet). And through it all, You have helped me and have been there ALWAYS. She is an alien and she doesn’t belong here. Every second you spend with her is amazing. From intellectual talks to Lamo jokes, she knows it all.

And yeah, most importantly, she has a wierd love for Ducks. She says on ‘her planet’ they are worshiped. (I just made that up.) Anyway, Sura, we love you and thank you so much for being there.

Also, not forgetting our REPUBLIC DAY! Yayie.

I don’t think I have anything new for you this time. Because, well, we don’t care anymore. Do we? The only thing that happens on Republic Day and on Independence Day is Patriotic songs playing on the radio and an awesome parade on the TV.

That is it.

If not anything, respect your country like you respect your Mother. I think you can at least do that for her.

Keep smiling Sura and

Keep singing patriotic songs Indians.

Jay Hind.

~Manasvi N.

#birthday #love #respect #republicday #indians

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