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The Autobiography of a Question Paper.

It’s funny how an essay topic can make you think beyond your imagination.

Hello readers!

I am a chemistry question paper and I would like to take you on a journey from my birth to my death. Hey, don’t be so surprised! Everyone, everyTHING has a story to tell, a journey to describe and a destiny to reach to.

And my destiny….?

You’ll soon get to know.

I was born on a computer screen by a highly intellectual person commonly called referred to as a ‘teacher’. For me, the teacher is my parent as he was the one who inculcated values in me and helped me grow from page by page. He made me tough. Literally.

When my growth was coming towards a final destination, I was taken to a laboratory to get cloned. What do you humans call it these days?

Ah yes, Photocopying! I was photocopied about a 100 times. Now, I was finally ready. Finally ready to face the faces.

The moment of the truth of my life had finally come. I was handed over to a girl. She looked at me for a while, and then smiled. Though I was tough, she solved all my difficulties and questions perfectly, just like I wanted. After the exam, I was discussed. Several times. There I got to know that some of my clones had made some enemies and some, best friends.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get a real good mate.

She took me home afterwards and punched me.

No, No, not the punch that you are thinking of! A punch which would help me to fit inside my home and help me remain straight. Ah whats that again?

Yes, a file!

I was punched and I was filed.

I used to think that the person to whom I had caused so much happiness, would regularly come to check on me.

But no, instead, other papers came and I was buried under them. It was almost as if they were trying to take my place. But then, then I realised something.

I was also in their place once and my fellow papers would also have gone through what I am going through now!

So as to confirm my logic, I asked them if they had felt that way and all of them agreed except the psychology question paper. She told me just one thing. She asked me to have faith and patience and assured me that I wouldn’t be forgotten.

I was in penance for two years. And my patience paid off! I was looked into, again. She solved all my difficulties and problems, again. And then, she smiled. The same smile which she had given me when we first met! And at that moment, I felt satisfied. With her, with everything, with life itself.

But this isn’t it.

After some days, along with my fellow papers, I was taken to a factory and was brainwashed so that new things could be written on me.

Umm….. Recycling is probably what you call it?

That’s how life is, readers. You will grow. You willl have to face many faces of yours, which you didn’t even knew existed. You will make enemies but you will also make best friends. Those friends will understand your problems and difficulties and will help you solve them. You will have many ups and downs, but the patience and faith in yourself will be the only thing that will bring you up. And when you feel content and happy with life, life will throw new opportunities at you. I didn’t have an option. But you have one.

And only you can choose whether to stay content or to face new challenges.

In the end, It’s all up to you.


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