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The bad world

Bad World Sitting on your sofa you tend to ignore everything going around you and concentrate on your phone. But, this day, I couldn’t help myself from hearing to all the blabbering around me. My mom was threatening my younger brother to memorize the chapter in his textbook. She asked him to speak the whole story out loud.

“The pigeon plucks a leaf……” My brother goes on. But then, he stops abruptly, looking at my face.

“Di? You okay?”

“Did you just say pigeon? Ah! The hatred fire burns in my chest!”

“Yes. But the story if pretty cool. Its how a pigeon helps an ant save its life by giving it a leaf to float on.”

“Dude, I am in grade 11. We were taught this in probably 2nd grade. Now bbye. I’m going to Buttercupp. Need a break.”

Sitting on my favourite table, having the best coffee, my brain starts functioning.

Probably after the alphabet is absorbed by us in grade 1 maybe, the next thing we are taught is, MORAL VALUES which are often accompanied by stories like the Pigeon and the Ant, & the ant and the Grasshopper. Every possible value, from hard work to honesty, is taught to us. But, when the subject “Moral Education” is removed from our syllabus, we remove it from our lives. Helping people, being honest, working hard for our goal, these are just found in the books.

Not only elders, we as students too use wrong means to do our work.

And then, we blame the corrupt politicians for the downfall of our nation, dishonest policemen for the criminals roaming around freely and every other human, except ourselves. Have you every questioned yourself?

We say it is a bad world.

Of course it is!

Because we live in it.

~Manasvi N.

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