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The Best Pests.

“They’re mad!”

“You guys rock!”

“When do you guys study?”

“Abnormal children”

This is all we heard then, when we were tyros, and now that we have become bloggers and are being sponsored stuff.

So, we met when we were kids, unknown of what we’ll do in the future. Actually, DPS Bopal, A’bad plays an important role in our story. From Sr. Kg to grade 3, Meghna and me, Manasvi N. have been chuddy buddies as both our mothers were teachers in the same school and we had to stay back with them after school. And that was when our bond was made.

And that was also when Meghna and Manasvi S met. They live very close to each other and thus, have the same bus route. They’ve been friends from the day they joined the school.

Then, Manasvi and me didn’t know that we had a common friend and a common name. Maybe we met then, maybe we hung out. Maybe.

But fate had something else in store for us. My dad got a transfer to one of the prettiest places, Surat. And, we had yo leave A’bad then. All the contacts were lost and I didn’t even remember that I was friends with a person called Meghna. But, Meghna and Manasvi S. had become best of the friends back in A’bad.

After a couple of years, I come back to A’bad and join some other school. There, I meet a friend who was from DPS, Bopal and we had a talk once about some people of the school. One of these people was Manasvi Shah. My friend told me that she is NOT a nice girl and that she has a group which has all the “BAD” people of DPS. I got carried away and created a false image of Manasvi S. in my head thinking I will never meet her in person, and if I did, it’ll be very awkward because of our common names.

Then, Navratri came, and so did the chance of meeting Meghna Chakravarti again. One of the colourful nights, my friend from the other school, my mother and me went to YMCA club for playing garba. My friend and I were loitering around when I heard my mom call out for me and I ran to her. Before my eyes was a thin and sleek looking human who had a small smile on her face, which was fake, obviously. Her mother and my mother knew each other it seemed.

“This is Chandana ma’am who was your class teacher in 2nd grade and this is her daughter Meghna. You guys were bestest friends back then and you have pictures together in your underwears. Hahaha remember Chandana?”

“Of course I do! They were inseparable.”

“Mom!” I frowned.

Then, I looked at my friend who was giving a death stare to Meghna and Meghna was doing the same. An awkward moment is what it was.

That is the first meeting with Meghna after years and I thought it’d be the last one. But then, I meet her again in my tuition classes. We share an eye contact and then our contact numbers. I come to know that my mom had gave this tuition’s reference to Meghna’s mother. We become friends.

Then, one day Meghna enters the tuition with yet another thin frail girl whom I had seen on Facebook and about whom I had heard that she was a bad girl, the girl with whom I shared my name, Manasvi S.

That day marked the beginning of M cube and we got along nicely. I had changed my thoughts completely about Manasvi and Meghna both. Because the friend who had told me about then was wrong. I had an intuition that this friendship will go a long way.

Talking, laughing, eating, drinking, singing, studying, everything thing we did after a couple of months was done together. New groups, new friends were made too, in our respective lives but there’s one thing we three shared inspite of our varied personalities, our different point of view.

Then there was Nathi Nonsense which changed our entire friendship. Which ensured that we will be in touch even after we finish our school.


But not only Nathi Nonsense, Humanities brought us together. Same school, same uniform, same vision, same blog, same ideas and same friendship.

Everything was and will be same for us. Forever.

Your # gift Girl!

~Manasvi, Meghna.

#best #friend #love

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