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The people who have watched kung fu panda 1, 2 could connect really well to what kung fu panda 3 has to say! I watched this movie last night and it has already inspired to me write this post.

The gist of the movie is that the panda is accidentally chosen as the dragon warrior by a Kung fu master and has now have to save the world. This panda was different and ‘not like a dragon warrior’, as the world had to say. He was just a big, fat panda! But eventually he believed in himself. He believed that behind that thick skin is a powerful soul who is destined to save the world, and he did save it, by the power of that belief.


The movie aims to show you your own uniqueness.

We are all confused, about what we actually are or what we want to do in this mysterious world. We all are looking for this answer around us. But look within you. A panda, a big fat panda who is just suppose to sleep, eat and exist, turns into a savior for all. The challenges are never over; life keeps throwing challenges at you! But every time you have to emerge as a hero. This panda failed so many times! Just because he was trying to be someone else, he was not ready to accept who he is just because he was trying to be ‘that someone’.  How many times do we do the same thing in our lives?

You get someone in your life that will push you. Give you hints, but the final thing has to be done by YOU! This panda failed, but when he realized that he needs to find himself. He worked, he worked hard. It’s not about comforts or happiness or sadness. It’s about what you are doing? Are you doing what you are destined to do? Are you ready to take the pain it demands and the work it demands, even if you are in the worst conditions? If yes! Then perfect. You are on the right track.

In this movie, the panda was made to teach others kung fu. He trained them according to who the other person was. There strengths! Even if it is just simply eating a lot or hugging someone real tight! Whatever you do, whatever makes you feel YOU Is your strength. He made people believe who they are. From a small child to the oldest person in his village, all had different strengths. They were simply not aware of it! And when they were, when they felt powerful simply because of a strength which was eating a lot, they were unbeatable and different. You are never normal or mediocre. You are all different. The world will compel you to believe you are ordinary. What I say is find your strengths. Be aware of what you are! And work. If you find that, you will be no less than the strongest person. You are as powerful as anyone else in this world but in your own unique way. The idol that you admire in your life is at the top because of the awareness that he has of himself, and the confidence that i am different. This panda was a dragon warrior; at the end he and the smallest child both had the same energy. Everybody says believe in yourself, but that belief will come only when you understand you are different, and understand why you are different.

panda lessons

Embrace the uniqueness. Respect that thing about you. Find that things and work! Work as much as you can. Success is not that tough. Life will be simple. Make your flaws your strength. Do not be ashamed of it! If you have failed, it does not mean you a failure. If you have 90+ weight or 40- weight that does not mean you are obese or underweight. Do not live your life with such ‘labels’

I am thin. I am a failure. Who said that?  You said that to your own self right? The world will say you 100-1000 things. If I were with you right now and told you, you are a purple pig, keep telling you that would you believe me or laugh at me?

To believe that your self-worth is dependent on the shape of your body is your version of believing that “you are a purple pig

~Louis Hay

kung fu panda

Choice what you want to believe in

Be label-less and limit-less

Keep smiling

Manasvi S.

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