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the bitter kindness

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Pinches right? But that’s the bitter truth. Death sometimes seems easier. Humanity is merely a word now. It’s funny how much power alphabets have. They are responsible to create words, not meanings. Why so? I have been wondering since long. I get scared to sit beside the person i am sitting, fearing the words they say will be true or not and also, if that person has the basic humanity that is needed. The term human being kind of seems funny to me, like an irony! Unknowingly, our actions and our words dig a big hole in someone’s pure heart. And those holes cannot be healed by anything. Imagine that boy. He was covered by the same villages, but after he dies, to respect his soul. And I am laughing at this thought right now. So guys, i want to keep this short. I want you to think about what you guys are doing. Are you putting meaning into the Word ‘HUMAN BEINGS’? Are you kinder than death? I hope you are.

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Manasvi S.

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