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The blind’s trust

A yet normal day in my life, the everyday school periods, studying and art class. But yet something wasn’t normal about that day. I touch a life today, and unknowingly he touched mine.

Walking toward my path, to reach my destination. I saw a man standing and waiting, he was blind. I got to know that from the white and red colored stick in his hand. So ignoring my path, i went to help him reach his destination. He held my hand tight, as if i was his only support system. Walking with me, I dropped him to where he wanted to go. And with my small gesture, that man became more than just happy. Then, not looking at me he smiled. I knew that smile was for me. He was loaded with gratitude and I was overwhelmed. It was just a small help, which i should not be credited for, as this is basic humanity. But i guess that was not in the mind of this blind man. His behavior suggested that what i did was not a frequent event. This did shock me.

holding his hand tight…

Apart from that, as I approached him. He readily accepted my hand to help. That blind man, blindly trusted me! This made me think, where did the term ‘blind trust’ come from? From the blinds. And how they without a second thought, without the eye sight, without judging just trust’s us. It’s so simple for them, trusting and expecting from us humans. And it’s so shallow of us, how we everytime passing by any such blind man break his trust. What if i had shown him the wrong way? What if i had just left him hanging in the middle of the crossroads?

There lives are more complicated than us, but they have the courage to make it simpler than us, make it beautiful than us without any complaint, and with a smile. Unlike us, who needs reasons for complaint and then curse life! It’s a two way thing. If I tell you to trust people without judging than there are possibilities that you get cheated. But then talking about humanity and trust. If a person trusts you, you should be grateful that he is giving some part of himself to you. Leaving your ego, you should try not to break that person’s trust. Trust has become a fragile topic. I just can’t understand that if a blind man can do such a simple thing than what makes it so difficult for normal beings like us? Its just us who have made it complicated. Just us!

He taught me an important lesson today.

Topics like humanity, changing the world is a dream and unrealistic for now. The way you touch people’s lives is what matters! Negatively or positively that’s what you have to decide.

Sometimes you have to become the blind man. Sometimes you should stop seeing the flaws. Sometimes you should have that blind trust in you.

what we all do unknowingly.

And also,

Sometimes I wonder and think

That in this world of good and bad, wrong and right its better to be blind than normal. It’s better to be abnormal then normal.

It’s better to be with flaws than flawless. In such a world created by us.

Isn’t it?

Think for yourself what you are doing. I am ready to see the good rather than the bad. i hope you are ready too.

Keep smiling and spreading it. Manasvi S.

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