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The Cottage Amongst the Hills

We had met two years ago at a small little cottage amongst the hills of Meghalaya. It was the beginning of winter then. Both of us were on our solo trips and had coincidentally stayed at the same place. After a long trek, we’d spent hours talking about each other at night. Where were we from, what did we do, what did we like and what did we not. That’s how we’d met, far away from the city life, at a small little cottage among the hills. After we got back home, he called me up one day to ask if we could meet. How could I have refused? I was already in love with him. After almost a week, we started dating each other.

Last week, our relationship turned five and we decided to celebrate it. So off we went to Meghalaya to stay at that same little cottage where we’d first met. I bought a guitar for him and the guitar traveled with us too. He sings beautifully. I could say he is the best singer I’ve ever met till date. In fact, I could say he’s the best boyfriend one could ever have in their life.

We spent four days amongst the hills and went for small treks. Every night we had a bonfire in front of the cottage. The housekeeper cooked us delicious food. After having dinner by the bonfire, we used to sit for an hour where he’d sing some of our favourite songs and I’d just listen.

On the last day at the cottage, our bonfire session lasted longer than the usual. He sang for almost two hours after we had finished the dinner. I was really tired so I asked him if we could go to sleep. He agreed. Just as we were about to go inside, he called my name from behind. When I turned, there he was, down on his knee with a ring in his hand. I still remember how his face shone from the light of the bonfire. You could see a sky full of stars getting as happy as me. “Without any further adieu”, he said, “let me ask this now. I love you to the moon and back, and back to the moon and back again. Would you be my husband Rehan?” . -Purvang J.

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