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The Escape.

Name-Shayna Singhaniya. Age-17 Year of disappearance-2017 Complaint by- Father, Ajay Singhaniya Reason- Unknown

Till date, 23rd February, 2020, there is no trace of Shanya. The police has lost all hopes to find her. She vanished in air, on June 15, her last day of 12th grade. She eloped from the school itself, and went where? Nobody knows. Except Me. I am Shayna’s “best friend”, and when I say best friend, I mean it. Me and Shayna met in grade 8 and have been friends ever since. I am Yutsuf and also the sole person to know the whereabouts of Shayna Shinghaniya, daughter of the business tycoon, Ajay. Some think she was kidnapped by one of his father’s enemies and the others think that her father tortured her. What rumours! Shayna eloped because she wasn’t one of us. All she wanted is a free and fun life. The most expensive clothes didn’t appeal to her as much as a part of nature did. So, she decided to live her life just the way she had dreamed to. Presently, she resides in her dream place, Capetown. She said she fell in love with the place when she first visited it in grade 7. And when, in 9th grade she came to know that she was expected to marry a person her father would tell her to, she had decided that she will escape. I told her that it was just her wild imagination and this couldn’t be done but, Shayna was determined. All her pocket money, her savings, the money she got in gifts, every penny was saved and the plan was smartly planned. On 17th Jan, 2017 at 11.30 PM she called me and her voice was stern like I’d never heard before. She said, “Yusuf. This shit is serious. I am going to tell you some very important things and you ought to listen carefully. I am trusting only you and Death (her cat). Okay, you remember I told you that I will escape? I hope you do.” “Shayna, wait! What the heck? Are you serious? You can’t just go!” “Listen! Yes. I am leaving okay? And you are not supposed to tell ANYBODY!” “Urgh. Okay.” “So, I told you about Sam? Whom I met in Capetown? We are still in touch and he has made all the arrangements for me there. Everything is planned. I will leave on 15th June. The…” “Last day of our School!” “Yes.” I tried explaining her but she won’t listen. Now, nobody could stop her. So, on 15th June, in the school, everybody was sad and everybody was making promises of staying in touch. But Shayna, she was the happiest of all. She knew she wouldn’t be in touch with anyone of them. And that made her happy. Everything went according to the plan. She had her luggage in the airport. All she had to do was reach there as soon as the school got over. The cab was waiting on the school gate. Shayna hugged me and said, “Thank You for everything Yutsuf. I am trusting you with my life. Thanks and bbye.” From then, she calls me every month from anonymous numbers. I have kept her secret ever since. And will always.

Follow your dreams.

~Manasvi N. 😉

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