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The fear of being fearless!

Be fearless and achieve what you want!

They say.

A typical mindset of all the people. Be fearless in life, it will help you a lot.

They said this To push her.

To make her achieve her goal or instead lets say To make her believe she will achieve her goal.

Just so determined to be fearless and pursuit her dreams. Just so ready to blossom as a rose in spite of her thorns. She started being fearless! She started listening to people rather than to her heart.

But wait. Was that right?

Without a fear can you run? Without a fear can you do your best? I think fear is that one thing which makes you drive and which makes you move forward. You have to fear something to run past it and reach your goals. The amount of confidence that you get after this cannot be compared to any happiness!

A very famous quote.

” you flourish the most when you are in your uncomfortable zone” Do not run away from your fears!

Run past it.


Be fearless to face your fears.

Instead of standing there, move on like the deer does when the lion approaches!

She learnt.

So instead.

Instead she with her motives, with her rebellious nature set free

She decided and accepted that it is okay to be fearful, for her own good.

And so,

Her fear was  of being fearless!!

So what is the definition of fear for you?

Keep smiling!

Manasvi S.


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