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The Funnel

Are you one of those people who certainly believe this world is going to end soon? Or are you among the larger bunch who’re still playing the blame game? Well, just so you know, I’m a part of neither. I believe it’s all over already. We’re already live in a post-apocalyptic world.

Let me break this for you. The situation here can be very easily understood if we imagine it like a funnel. If you notice, when we try and learn about something new, we start from a wider understanding and then eventually come down to one single point, that’s essentially the shape of a funnel. For example, when we talk about matter, matter can be broken down into molecules and then it further narrows down to atoms and then even more to electrons, protons and neutrons and maybe it goes on, who knows! You might now be wondering “why was this important anyway?”, because that’s how I’m going to explain why we’re living in a post-apocalyptic world.

For the starters, I want you to think about what comes to your head when you think of the term ‘post-apocalyptic’. Is it blood? Genocide? Extermination? Cannibalism? Yes, pretty much what we see or read. Technically, it’s a made-up concept, right? Though we are pretty sure about one of its characteristic, it’s not a time for people to enjoy, that it’s going to bad, really bad.

Now, let’s look at what’s happening on our planet right now and as I said, let’s start at the very top of this funnel. If there’s one problem that every single organism is facing in common, it’s the climate change. Factually, the worst effects of climate change might be irreversible by 2030, which is sooner than you think. 1 million species are at stake. Imagine explaining to your kids what a frog is, how’re you planning to go about that? In about 50 years from now, if you’re still alive, you might not see any sea turtles. Doesn’t that scare you? Or at least give you some chills? What’s funny is that we’re still stuck at reducing. Reduce the use of plastic, reduce the wastage of resource, reduce the emission of carbon, etc. Reduction still involves wreckage, at some scale, so comrades, it doesn’t help that much and honestly, at this stage it doesn’t help at all. It’s the climax, I’d sound really stupid if I have to motivate you now. Sadly, animals don’t understand me, otherwise I’d rather motivate them.

Moving further down, we look at what’s causing all this? Of course humans, we are. Why? Because we’re the most ignorant species on this planet. Not only we torpedo our environment and the atmosphere, we’re even insensitive about each other. On a global level, we’re all danger, being led by individuals filled with only rage and vengeance. The only purpose of our policies is retaliation and extermination of anything that happens to make us insecure. We’re all living inside bubbles filled with hatred, taking away basic right, committing mass murders based on religion, gender, skin colour, etc. Sounds like an apocalyptic phase to me. We’re repeating the worst of our history and trust me this time it’ll be even worse.

If we go deeper into this, we’re now looking at our neighbourhoods and as I do so, I see suffering. I see women being treated like trash. I feel ashamed that I biologically fall on the wrong side of this protest. Millions of humans are just fighting to not get raped or molested or being used like a commodity? Can you believe it? They’re fighting for peace, fighting to not get bothered. It’s been going on for centuries. There’s not a single phase in the history of mankind where women were treated normally all around the world, there has always been at least this one messed region. It so shameful and disgusting; and there happen to be not a single acceptable excuse for it. It’s wrong at every possible degree. Not only women, all the other genders are being bullied at a massive, global scale, every single day.

All of this comes down to individuals and I’m openly going talk about myself. I am in distress and I feel miserable. I breakdown every day. I am depressed and I’m in a constant state of anxiety. Naturally, I don’t like to talk about it, but right now, I represent millions of people going through the same issue. Mental health is where this funnel is at its narrowest. All things in this universe start from a thought and in fact, this universe also started with a thought. A healthy mind is one that directs this thought into something positively-productive. The direction, undoubtedly, is influenced by all the other minds and their thoughts. If it directs to a right place, a satisfying place, it’s not much of a problem but in case, it ends up going places that do not provide with an individual’s expectations, it can be bad. Now the problem is not really the direction, the problem is the expectation. We expect things to be a certain way only because we’ve learnt that it is the right way. In reality, we can’t even define the word ‘right’. This phenomenon of disappointment has taken over everything and essentially our mind. We tend to have expectations from things that don’t even belong to us and here comes the concept of support and resistance. Sadly, the weight of resistance always happens to be more than that of support or appreciation because again something doesn’t feel right but only according to a certain kind of thought which may or may not be shared by a large number of minds. Now the worst part is when this resistance builds pressure on the mind that is being resisted or opposed directing their train of thought to a dark place. Now, I’m not stating that all kind of resistance is wrong, and that we should let people do whatever they like, but there’s always two sides of a story, and sometimes some stories are left unheard. The actions that these stories provoke could of course be unjust and unnecessary.

There is no immediate solution to get out this disastrous scenario of apocalypse but change does happen overnight, the only thing that takes time is propagation. Kindness, if propagated throughout the world, will solve everything and I can bet on it. My only thought that I’d want to transmit to you is to value everyone because everyone wants and deserves to be valued. If you cannot value someone, leave them alone, someone else would because someone else should. Listen to people, listen to their stories, acknowledge it, let them know you care. Be honest and spread truth. This life, for whatever reason, is hard for everyone. There’s no such thing as a small or a big problem. A problem has one purpose, to cause trouble, the degree depends on the recipient.

It’s a free world and yet everybody’s paying the price. We’re in this together and the differences don’t make any sense anymore.

It feels like salvation to me,

Is it apocalyptic enough to you?

#climatechange #environment #mentalhealth #worldpeace

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