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the girl on two edges

Standing on the edge of life, Waiting for the wind to take me away. Waiting for the end to arrive. On the edge of life, I ask myself, “Is there anybody next to you?” I looked around and said, “I don’t see anyone.” “Well, do you feel anyone around you?” I took a moment and closed my eyes, Trying to open my inner eye. I did open them, And saw another me, Hanging on the other side of the edge, Smiling I was, Couldn’t understand it. I waved to myself, I waved back, With a big smile on my face. I wanted to reach the other edge, So I could meet me. I walked and walked and walked, And finally met me. I said, “Don’t do what you’re planning for. It’s gonna hurt me.” I told myself, “I won’t. But I need to, so I’ll just go half way down there. Is it fine?” I thought for a moment and replied, “It is. Only if you promise to stay safe. I need to get away from those demons.” Demons? I thought. “Well, why not just do it then?” I asked myself. I replied, “Cause then I’ll lose the war. I’ll give up on everything I had.” “I think we had nothing. ” I looked at me in the eye and said, “What about all the love and affection?” That was a strange question to ask when I had no one. “What about it? You must have some to care about it.” I shook my head in despair, but I had a small smile on my face. I said, “What about the beautiful wife, you’ll have? What about the kid you’ll have? Won’t they love you? Don’t answer that. Just think about it when you feel sad. Go half way. It won’t matter much, if it helps you. But don’t give up on me. I’m here for you.” I looked at myself and started walking to right where I was. I walked and walked and walked. I stood there and stared myself on the other edge. I sat down there, And thought about it, Thought about it all. And decided to save myself rather that to just end the pains. I chose not to give up. I chose to end those demons. I chose to win.

~Peehu gulati.

thank you for sharing 😉 guest posts welcomed!

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