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The Irony Of This CITY!

Our old city, and the so called ‘modern’ city has vast differences in them. But now, the old city has it’s new modern touch! I explored alone , and captured what my eyes found. This photo walk was organized by the group meet me at Khadia and Alliance francaise’d of Ahmedabad. Judge for yourself whether you like this modern old city or not! Feel the real touch of heritage, and see the beauty this city holds.

BHADRA FORT! this was built by Ahmed Shah, a muslim who gave this fort a hindu name! (wish for times like this now!)

the fort is majestic, but looks small because of these small shops that occupy the area known as maidan-shah, which is floored with the costliest stones and littered with the cheapest stuff!

there i this door, with just locks locked on it. this goes unnoticed but is different in its own way!

bought from london, in 8000 rs! The tower is new now. The feel of the heritage is limited now, The real texture is being renovated and the restoration is on. Such difference in both of them right?

majestic and beautiful! the change in the texture from deep red stones to modern and pinkish now, makes you love and regret the change.

the REAL AND AUTHENTIC texture and carvings.

top of bhadra.. and our photo walk.

its not the nike, its the famous marble flooring that the top of bhadra has, that i am showing. Rich, and one of its kind!

the stones, tower with its modern touch and the beautiful blue sky and the tree gives you an ideal serene feeling of ‘how it should be’ ideally

the carvings..

look how we express our love of humans, on these heritage sites which we never love or respect, i hope they stop doing that and realize the treasure that they are ruining.

just because i love this!

the architecture <3

the man behind making ahmedabad, the ‘manchester of India.’

Look how people respect such great man! shameful.

such an architecture and a master piece in itself hidden by this cloth, somewhere in the corners of this city. This shows how many of them exists in such corners and also our carelessness to recognize the beauty.

not just humans but animals and birds too should be feed and taken care of. it ed by was there land, captured by us, thus a nice way to compensate the loss. BIRD FEEDER- CHABUTRO.

every architecture even if a bird feeder, should be majestic. our bird feeder, famous in the whole world.

majestic right?


bye for now! wait for the second part of my photo walk. 🙂

keep smiling and loving this ironic city!

manasvi shah.

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