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The joker’s tear : Part 1

I laughed every time I saw him. Not only me, but everyone did. The circus was the only thing I enjoyed in this city. We didn’t have them back in the village. Here, all the places were fake, all the people were fake. Every one of them. But, the circus? It was the best of all and the joker, he, was the best of the best. I was a weakling then. Just entered my teen. Once, I had decided to take an autograph of the hero, the joker. So I followed him to his “mystery room”, as they said. No one was supposed to, rather, allowed to enter that area. But, I did. No doubt I was afraid,  but the race was won by eagerness and fear had to retreat to its kingdom. Either he had sensed that he was being followed or it was his routine to check. I was caught red-handed, stealing his privacy stealthily. He barked, “hey kiddo! What do ya think ya doing here eh? Shuck face!” I was stitched to the ground in awe. Not because I was caught, because I saw it. I saw a tear in the glimmering eye of “the joker.” No, they aren’t supposed to cry, they are bold, funny, flawless…. Then why was my role model crying? I had to find out. I just had to.

To be continued….. ~Manasvi N.

keep smiling! 😀

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