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The last drop!

Jokers tear: part one read it here

Jokers tear: part two read it here.

“I was 14, like ya lad. My pa died when I was small. My mom earned bucks by singing folk songs she knew.” She said.

Yes, she.

The wig had fallen down when she was petting it, revealing her long dark hair. From the cage I could only see her back but the majestic white tiger’s eyes were visible to me and mine were to him. The cracked voice of the joker had turned into a sweet melody of this lady. I had many questions which craved answers. But all I could say out was, “how…. How did u get a white tiger?” Ignoring me, she continued, “Life was difficult. I had a brother. We were very close. He wanted to become a joker, so that nobody would be sad like he was. But fate had something else in store for him. He died of hunger.” Pieces came together in my mind. I could understand the pain of my ‘Joker’. She continued. “I am so sorry for…” “Everybody said the same thing. But nobody could bring him back. My mother began cursing me for his death. I decided to…” “Run away. “You ran away from your mother. You wanted your brother’s dream to come true.”

“I didn’t run away lad! I ain’t a coward! I decided to rebuilt my life.” She explained. “While foraging for food in a forest that I had to cross, I came across Pazento. He was stuck in between a stream. I saved him and since then he’s been saving me. And if You try anything, he wont hesitate to gobble you lad.”

A chill ran down my spine on the thought. “So why were you crying? Jokers don’t cry!” I exclaimed. “Pazento is hurt. He was loitering around and a branch pierced its way through his leg.” She wailed. “I can help! I know how to treat animals. I learnt it back in my village.”

“You sure lad? I told you all this because I think you understand. I am opening you now but if you do some mischief, pazento won’t hesitate.”

“I assure you I wont do anything.” The joker opened me and I reluctantly went near Pazento and used my skills. He licked my face and the joker was surprised.

“Thank you boy. I hope you wont let my secret out.” “I wont” A last tear drop dripped down her cheek. It wasn’t of sorrow, but, it was of elation. Since then I attend every show of the joker and then played with Pazento.

The End.

Keep smiling!

~Manasvi N. 🙂

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