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The law of averages

The amount of stress we’ve taken and worried about, how much of it truly transcends later? We end up doubting ourselves and taking no note of self assurance whether the possibility of our ‘worry’ actually coming on floors is very less. Yet so much of thought, power, even equity is put on stakes just so that we don’t end up becoming the failures of our own result based on a very tiny possibility.

The law of averages uses ones state of mind whether or not he’s heading to becoming an optimistic candidate for a certain designation life assigns him to decide whether or not he chooses to ignore the (say 15%) chances of failure or loss and lives in a sigh of relief and peace so that he can use his mind in working for the rest. For instance, insurance companies making huge sums of money based on mere possibilities which of course turn out to be disastrous for later survivors. But how many earthquakes in a year take place in areas that take no record of past history, it’s basically security and self assurance because of which we put in so much of our money at stakes to be secured if ever the events occur.

Similarly many things in our mundane lives that we come across are mere chances of ruin. We need not buy the problem if by the law of averages it’s certainty is less. Even if the probability of the problem to occur in a certain framed compromised situation, all we can do is face the circumstances regardless of what is at stakes. Which eventually is going to end up just fine for everything is transient.

We all have our virtues and vices and that is what adds taste to our lives. The variety is what is responsible for so many problems so different from each other with infinite solutions. Isn’t that the best part? In our quest to make it work, it is suggestive that the law of averages plays a big game in having things in your favour and living a peaceful mind a peaceful life. Keeping the individual facets and considerable amount of savoury for the work of others, we can be grounded yet be able to make space for us in a room offering thousands of problems. We don’t realise when we run away from basic problems that we are circling, it’s not ending without our loyal agreement and quite decisive win with whatsoever degree of power it has.

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