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The lock called Life.

There are times when you feel the world around you has shattered. You feel that you are that lonely dog roaming around the dark streets all alone. There are times when you want that you do not lose hope, you want to actually fight. But situations do not permit you to do so or you are just tired and think that there are no solutions. This is felt by all at some point in our life’s.

What mistake we do is consider all of these as a PROBLEM! Wake up guys! They are CHALLENGES! And not problems. Problem is a negative word. Challenges are what I like to see them like. That adds a more positive meaning and makes you think that you have to overcome it! Something like an adventure if i want to sum it up. So, then what’s the bad part about that situation? They will just make you learn. What worst can happen? At Some point in your life, they will make you learn if not right away! And then when you reflect back you will be grateful of life for throwing such a situation at you. Isn’t it exciting? Solving them by your own

Another issue that usually people face is, what about the current situation? You might think that future is yet unknown and has not happened! How to cope up with things now, in the present? That’s when your perception comes into play. That’s when your belief over the ‘good’ comes into play. That’s when you have to trust time. You have this lifetime to enjoy, to specifically LIVE. You are wasting moments in crying and being depressed. You are wasting those times! It’s simple if you see. What is the thing that you remember more when you ask yourself that how much have you lived and made the most of things? The answer would be the times when you have laughed and smiled and made others laugh. When you did things that made you truly happy! So wasting moments is not good. But don’t think that it is not important. It is very important. Being sad, angry is very important. Being depressed and losing hope? Nahh! Once you have lost hope, you stop taking actions. And when you stop taking actions, you stop doing what makes you happy. So ask yourself did you live? Did you make the most of things? I enjoy being sad! It’s funny but I do, as I know this is important for me. If I am prepared and I know it is for something good, hope does not live me. Because i know that it is important for me to learn and grow! Crying and inspite of that thinking, that whatever life’s throwing at you is for your own good, marks how strong you are! And let me tell you it’s all about how you will think! Cry but do not lose hope! Be angry but smile at the other moment. Make people smile! Laugh at your condition! Laugh at how you are! Enjoy this lifetime. Live this lifetime. Want to dance? Dance! Want to sing even if you can’t? Do it! Nothing can stop your will. You are the creator of your life. Who else creates it? YOU! So set your own rules for yourself. Be selfish here.

People say that every lock has a key. But, there are no locks present in life. Who creates the ‘locks’? Humans? People? Stop creating them. Or stop seeing them as a lock in your life! Life has no locks. Be free! Change your perception! And do not be afraid to learn.

Keep smiling and remember to LIVE! You look better in that 😉 and remember to spread that smile too

~Manasvi S.

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