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The need for interior designs!

‘Home is where the heart is’ a popular saying, that we all will agree to. A house is not just a place with furniture in it; it is a place where we are most relaxed, no matter what, a place where we find peace, happiness and comfort.  Even if you are travelling and are living in the best hotel, far away from your home, after a certain time you will miss your home. How you create your ‘home’ is what really matters. Entering an unplanned and shabby room and entering a well planned, beautiful and clean makes a lot of difference.


The environment you provide to yourself and for the people in your family helps you not just to impress others but it also increase your productivity.

And I am sure you have felt the difference.  Who would not love living in a beautiful house? And thus, interior design is very essential.

Designing your house helps you in numerous ways. We all agree to that by now, don’t we?  It’s not just selecting the furniture, it’s also about how and where that piece of wood in placed inside a room, how a wall, a corner, a pillar is used to its fullest.


We humans are always in a hurry and if not hasty, then we are too lazy. Plus we have a lot to store, Even if it’s a villa, a small 1 BHK house or an office, the space will be always less for us! For all of these problems the way we design our space is very important!

A misconception I come across most of the time is that ‘interior designs are for rich people and meant for big spaces’ but the way you think and the way a professional thinks varies. The basic concept for the need of interior designs is to create maximum space in a limited area, to create a home for your comfort which is equally beautiful. Who would think of making drawers in a staircase, to use the initially spare place?

And that is why we strongly recommend you homify for your own homes. Beautifying the house and making it functional at the same time is what is the major challenge. You can select according to your comfort zones, budgets and tastes. Do follow them for making your dream home a reality!

Keep smiling,

Meghna, Manasvi N, Manasvi S.

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