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The never ending journey

Travelling has always fascinated me the most, exploring new places, experiencing unique things, seeing the world a bit differently; Be it a one day picnic or 10-12 day long trip, I make the most of all. The journey to the destination has always been more exciting than the eagerness to reach that place. Journeys are always special. The journey of this life, or the journey of that place, It has something in store for you always, new lessons to teach you always. So today I am going to take you on a journey to Rajasthan, To a religious and mystical place called Shreenathji. It was a 2 day trip. No, a 2 day journey of a lifetime

It is a 5-6 hour drive from Ahmedabad. When you enter Rajasthan, that is when the real magic starts. I was quite fortunate as it was raining. Those showers beautified things a bit extra, I could then understand how much power just one color has on us and on the nature. Everything around me was in shades of green, yet all seemed so colorful.

The road trip involved loud music; in spite of those beats making me dance, peace never left me. The drive is very smooth. So you can sleep without bumps and jumps. But personally I would recommend not to sleep during such journeys. The journey ends quickly, do not miss moments out of it. The trip is a very low budget trip. Maybe 5000 with the road trip and the stay of 2 days. The thing that happens with me all the time when I hit the roads is that my perception changes completely. I could sense life into all the things around me. I could find beauty in everything, I could thus find pure happiness with it. When you find beauty in things around you, you develop love for that thing, which is responsible for that real small smile on your face.

Moving ahead on my way, with my family continuously singing and annoying each other, we take a turn and enter the valleys, all green and moist because of the rains. And the hues of clouds dancing over me, hiding half of the mountain; Welcoming you to embrace it when it lets go. When that cloud rains.

You are now travelling on the roads made on the mountain. The way was all round and sharp, yet it did not spin my mind, but it did spin my heart.

As I got nearer to my destination, the lights did a show for me, reflecting on some parts of the mountains and leaves. It made me question the ‘beauty’ man has created, and I silently laughed upon it. I finally reached Shreenathji at 7:30 pm, the place where Lord Krishna resides in every heart and corner of this town.

The sky demanding mercy

I had only 2 days, and it was raining heavily. I had less time, rains reduced it more. That day I wandered lazily across the main bazaar capturing all that in my memories. I could hear songs being sung as I crossed a lane, I could hear people saying ‘jay Shree Krishna’ as I banged into someone.

The main bazaar

There was a presence of god everywhere in that town. The houses are very near to each other and have a different system, so that people can live together in harmony and with unity.


The next morning I went into the most famous haveli of India. Haveli is different from a Mandir. Haveli is a house of the lord, with rooms, verandah and chalk. Believers are supposed to go pray in their house. I loved the concept. If you love the teachings of Krishna, you should visit this place. Krishna lives here, the aura is so powerful that You feel he is with you, inside you; protecting you. Shopping and food are major criteria you look for before traveling. This place does not lack that too! All sorts of handmade traditional jewelry are sold in large numbers here. Authentic, stitched dress material which gives you a feel of Rajasthan are present on every street.

Specials of Rajasthan

This place is a hub of painters and artists. Lord Krishna is so beautifully painted with so much passion that you feel compelled to buy them. But they are costly as well! Food lovers will have a treat there. Fried raatadu, saabudana vada, all sorts of bhajiya’s are cooked. The special kulhad chai and bhang are very famous. Try all. With this and because of rains my journey paused.

I believe it never ends. Journeys are not just limited to travels, the journey of your life never ends. That is why the journey is always beautiful. My journey paused there and I took a different route to my journey. There are many such journeys coming. So we introduce our new category called ‘journeys’ come indulge in our journey, and I hope your car never stops, bumps will come, but maintain your car well and enjoy the journey called life.

Keep smiling.

Manasvi s.

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