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The power you hold.

So today I was thinking about thinking. If you are an over thinker like me you will agree that such things are not crazy. But in a way, yes they are. All of us tend to think a lot, which is sometimes vague, without directions. Those unrealistic thoughts usually come at night, leaving you all worried and awake like an owl. But the problem is, when you want to think hard, for a solution or for an amazing idea, such thoughts do not welcome themselves at your door. And you are all boiled up. Let me tell you, if you are like this, you are not alone. We all can feel you. Today in my psychology session, I got a solution about ‘how to get solutions’. I got a solution to organize my thoughts. This seems funny but that worked as a savior to me.

So, I was introduced to the concept known as ‘6 thinking hats’, introduced by Edward de Bono to the world.

This was a solution for big companies and organization, but I thought we could use it in our lives too. So, I added a different perspective to the boring theory my textbook has.

This concept talks about 6 kinds of systematic thinking to get to a solution. There are 6 different colored hats, each color with a different way of thinking! They are as follows,

And to understand it a bit more, and for those who crave solutions. Do think of a problem or idea before reading further. Spend time thinking after every hat.

White hat– By putting this imaginary hat on your head, you have to think about all the facts and data related to that problem or idea. All the information connected to it. It’s just ‘facts and facts’. There are a lot of times, when we judge something without knowing the full story or every fact connected to it. We judge and decide with a one sided story, or a half expressed idea. This approach towards a problem might help you.

So now, put your blue hat on and think holistically about what you will do next. Put a white hat on for facts, red hat on to follow your heart.

Do wear your yellow hats always, they will keep you positive, but with that think about what can go wrong, by wearing your black hat.

And get your green hat on for a different perspective and creativity. This will add fun to your life!

The decision is yours. Things are simple, solutions are easy. You have the power to make them easy!

Keep thinking (do I have to remind you this?)

~Manasvi s.

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