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The Scrutiny

When we talk about environmental issues, we generally come across words and phrases like ‘future’ or ‘for the coming generation’, etc. What I mean, to say is all the methods and progress made to ‘save’ the environment/nature is futuristic as a concept. These methods are generally assumed to take years and years to even make 10% progress. I, personally cannot digest the fact that we can totally predict the time the resources are going to last but can never work towards coming up with methods to ‘save’ these resources in a lesser time that. We all already know that spreading awareness is never going to help speed up the process. The thought that came to my mind, might be considered as extremely unethical and socially unacceptable and I am very well aware of that, but again, I find it really hard to follow the social norms.

Imagine, in 100-150 years, none of the methods work (of course) and the situation about the depleting resources continues to get worse. Our planet has already lost almost every essential non-renewable resource which was available, like, fossil fuels, petroleum, coal, etc. The world seems to be in a disastrous situation.

The most powerful countries in the world finally send their smartest and most eligible representatives to a council meeting set up to discuss about the same. This meeting would have anyone and everyone who can pass an intelligence and emotional test developed by the smartest computer on the planet. There exists a sense of competition in almost everything a community or in this case a country’s government does and hence, according to them these individuals will be the smartest, who could represent a whole nation. They would be kept at location with absolutely no contact for the outside world for a couple of weeks, consensually and will be monitored, at all times, by a panel of individuals from all these nations.

These individuals are assigned to list down the ethics and cultural norms that they think should be inculcated in each and every human being on this planet. The norms are voted upon and anything which is perceived as unethical by most of these people, is eliminated. An algorithm is created according to these ethics and the most ethical test is developed. Ethical test, would basically be an interview conducted, of every individual on this planet to test their ‘humanity’.

Once everything about the test gets finalised and approved by all the representatives. It will be sent out for actual implementation. These tests will be monitored by the same nations but none of the monitors would be allowed to monitor their own countries or countries with any connections, whatsoever. The computers carrying the interview/test will be well equipped with the technologies which allow only truth and absolutely no lies. Every human will be evaluated and the test results will come out in 2-3 years. Of course almost everyone fails the test.

Here comes the weirdest part of my imagination, the people who fail to be ‘humans’ will be banned from existing on this planet anymore, no second chances. A genocide, where all the nuclear weapons of the world are destroyed along with the people. I know this sounds a lot crazier than you thought because this would be more than 3/4th of the world’s population but one of the purposes of this idea was also to reduce the population to a very large extent.

When the most deserving humans remain, they give birth to a single world economy and government with the most stable markets and the most ethical society.

I know this is very near to impossible to happen because ultimately, we have emotions. So think about it, is it that our emotions are what is keeping us from being stable and peaceful or are we just not using these emotions ‘honestly’?

You must be thinking what a crazy person I am, but if you try and look into the depth of this post, you’ll find frustration, frustration from the ponderous process of only awareness and almost no action at all.

-Apoorv Mathur

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