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The shade…

I am just a man in the shade,

just the man who cares,

I wait, unseen in the shadow,

I see everything that’s happening,

I am the person who observes,

just the person who adapts,

the person whose sword is at the ready,

the person who will wait for the time to come,

I wait, as I see the sands of time

slips through my hand,

I am hard, I am brave,

but i will wait in the shade…

as I don’t want to be seen, nor be judged,

by the people who do not care,

who wait to kick the men who are already down,

Don’t think that i am hiding,

for, what you see now, is what you expect,

but what happens next,

only time can express…

so I keep waiting…

waiting in the shade, for the perfect time ,

the perfect time to reveal who I really am. — Aditya Mathur. Keep smiling. 🙂 Thank you for your post.

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