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The Story of my Life.

“From the zenith of importance to abandoning and then, reliving the life again in my last years. The journey has been incredible.”

Wondering who says so? Well, it’s our sole means of transportation, our own BAKRI a.k.a Scooty.

While studying Psychology, I found out that small human kids tend to talk to non-living objects. And so do I. So, I thought, why not narrate the story of bakri in its own way?

Since the day 1 of any M cube day, bakri has been with us. From paying visits to our tuition teacher to going to Buttercupp, our favourite hub. We never leave her behind. So, let me tell you the story of Bakri.

“I was bought about 12 years back. When my generation was ‘in’. I was the most important of all, without me, they couldn’t go anywhere. Ah! Those days. But then, I suddenly became ugly, noisy and all the negatives. They no more wanted me because there came the new and better one. I was about to be sold. No, they couldn’t do that to me. They couldn’t.

That is when she came in my life. She told my owner not to sell me, she said she’d drive me. So, polished and repaired I was back to the road. She banged me into trees, cars and what not, still I had to there for her. And then she met the other two. Manasvi and Meghna. Crazy like her.


But I like them, because they like me. The three are the only ones who dont give me weird looks, because, duh, they are the ones seated on me. I lost my tail handle in an accident. Still, they sat on me, all three of them and they still do.

Like every nice coffee finishes one day, I think my time is up. Just a few months and I won’t be alive. But I am grateful to the M cube for all they have done for me, decorating me on each other’s birthdays, putting in money to fill in petrol, taking me to all the unknown places and defending me from all the bad people out there. Thank you for everything.”

Who says animism is for kids?

~Manasvi N.

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