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The torn page of CONSENT.

I never said ‘yes’ monsieur, Then please explain to me, how did you assume that you can play with my mind by all the

Staring? Flirting? Lurking?

And in the party, I told you, that you looked nice, with a sweet smile and you just assumed I am attracted to you because being ‘sweet’ is directly proportional to ‘flirting’ in your dictionary which does not have the word consent in it. I hate being sorry for who I am and why should I be?

My short skirt My long transparent dress My kurti My bikini My not wearing a bra

Does NOT give out messages indicating

‘I am interested in flings’ ‘I would love you to stare at me’ ‘I am a “slut”’

It simply tells you and everyone that I am someone who likes to be as she is right then and now. So tell me monsieur, did I come over to you and said things like

‘I am interested in you’ ‘I am attracted to you’ ‘We should go out on a date’?

So, why do you have to assume that I might want attention from those eyes that know nothing but lust and those hands that just wants to ‘grab’ the opportunity. Oh, and please don’t come up with bullshit like

‘That was a sign!’ ‘Less clothes means More attention’ ‘Sweet talk means sex-talk’

I am going to be what I am. A human expressing what she is inside out without giving a shit about what people ‘assume’ from her

Clothes, Behaviour, or Smile.

Because I have the freedom to be and you monsieur, must learn what consent is. And if you don’t know what it means, here is what the torn page of your dictionary says ‘permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.’ If you want to ask them for,

Physical contact Emotional interference Personal space

Do it with consent this time. I am sorry to invade into your ego and break it without consent.

So let’s call it even?

-Manasvi Shah.

#women #humanrights #consent #rights #storiesofwomen

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